1013 Sound Of The Sword In The Nigh

    If he was interested like they were, then he would come along with them. However, even if he wasn't interested, he would still have to go with them. But he would probably be knocked unconscious and carried away with them.

    Upon hearing that it was Hell Mountains, surprise flashed across Song Ming's eyes, but he didn't ask any questions and only nodded his head saying: \"I will go with you.\" He didn't want to stay in his home anymore. Since that woman is dead, he should venture out into the world and learn more things.

    \"Have you bid farewell to your family members?\" Feng Jiu asked.

    \"I have already paid my respects to my mother. My Grandfather and all also know, so that will be fine.\"

    She nodded and motioned: \"Sit down! We shall leave after we've had our meal.\"

    The four of them sat around the table and ate their meal together. They didn't stay long and left the city not long after their meal, with the imperial sword in hand, they set off to their next destination.


    In the Song Residence, Ancestor Song and Master Song only found out about their departure hours after they had left.

    \"Yes, they've left.\" Master Song nodded and sighed.

    \"It's okay that he has gone, he can learn more when he's outside, so it's a good thing for him. Besides, with the Ghost Doctor around there wouldn't be any major problems so we can rest assured.\" The Ancestor said and looked him in the eye: \"You will have to pay more attention to your two sons by your concubine.\"

    \"I want to send them to the academy to study and practice cultivation for a few years.\" Master Song voiced out his intentions.

    \"Well, okay, you can arrange this yourself.\" After he finished speaking, the Ancestor turned and left.

    One day later, in the evening.

    In a place somewhere on the mountain road, Feng Jiu's company of four were sitting by the side of the mountain road resting. The fire in front of them was roasting the wild game they had captured, as well as the fish they had caught in the stream.

    \"You can eat this first, I will go and catch some more.\" Song Ming said. After eating a piece of fish, he saw that there was only one more left. Hence he stood up and walked towards the stream.

    \"Song Ming, if you can catch another dozen or so that would be great.\" Ning Lang shouted as he ate the last piece of meat. He stood up: \"Forget it, I will go and help him catch more fish. You all eat first, don't let the fish burn.\"

    Feng Jiu and Duan Ye sat around the fire and continued eating, and retrieved a bottle of wine from space to drink. The breeze blowing through the meadows was comfortable and relaxing.

    \"We will rest here tonight, we can put up a few small tents later on.\" Feng Jiu tore off a piece of meat and started eating as she spoke to Duan Ye.

    \"Mmm.\" Duan Ye responded as he turned over the barbequed meat and put the cooked meat aside and added more wood.

    As nightfall came, they set up four small tents and scattered some medicine powder outside the tents to prevent snakes from entering the tent. As it later into the night, the four men who had been drinking drifted off to sleep. They were awoken in the middle of the night by the sounds of swords colliding.

    \"Who is it? You're disturbing my dream in the middle of the night.\" Ning Lang muttered. He turned around and continued to sleep.

    Duan Ye and Song Ming woke up and came out of their tents. They looked at each other and followed the sounds of the fight.

    Although Feng Jiu had heard the commotion, she didn't bother herself with it. There were many conflicts in the world and she wasn't about to involve herself with matters that were irrelevant to her. Cloud Devouring was keeping watch outside her tent so she could rest with ease.

    Moonlight lit up the dark path in the dark night and illuminated the road below. As Duan Ye and Song Ming followed the sounds of commotion, they came upon the people who were fighting in the night.
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