1015 If We Can Help We Should

    When the men in black saw that their strength had doubled fighting together, they realised that either side could get seriously injured. Hence one of the men in black raised his hand and signalled them to retreat. He glared at Duan Ye and Song Ming: \"You're asking for trouble, let's go!\"

    Asking for trouble? A look of confusion flashed across Duan Ye's baby face. What did he mean? While he was still pondering, he heard Song Ming's voice .

    \"You can't defeat us so you run? I dare you not to run away!\"

    \"Enough, let's go back!\" Duan Ye said as he placed his sword back and started to walk away without even looking at the two women once.

    \"Ladies, we are staying up ahead, why don't you come back with us? We have a little tent where you can rest. It's still dark, it's not safe for you to stay out here.\"

    \"Song Ming!\" Duan Ye glared at him: \"Don't invite people we know nothing about back to our camp!\"

    \"They are just two women, they aren't dangerous. Oh that's right, this is.....\" Song Ming looked at the old woman next to them and asked.

    \"This is our grandmother. Because of changes in our family, we have brought our grandmother with us and run away from home. If it weren't for Grandmother protecting us along the way, I'm afraid...\" After speaking, the two women covered their faces and wept.

    The scene of the two beautiful women weeping and covering their faces with their handkerchiefs and their tear-filled eyes was a moving sight. Song Ming was so moved that he couldn't wait to embrace the beautiful women in his arms to comfort them.

    When Duan Ye saw that he was staring at the two women and not moving, he snorted and flicked his sleeves then walked back. He couldn't care less about him. If he wanted to bring them back to their campsite, then he could do it!

    In the small tent, Ning Lang rubbed his eyes and popped his head out. He saw Duan Ye coming back and asked: \"It's the middle of the night, where have you both been and what have you been doing?\"

    \"You ask Song Ming.\" Duan Ye snorted and sat down in front of the tent, tending to his minor wounds.

    Upon seeing this, Ning Lang was shocked. He looked back and saw Song Ming walking back holding up a woman. Behind him was another woman and an old woman. He was stunned when he saw them.

    \"Where did you find beautiful women in the middle of the night? They're not ghosts are they?\" He whispered and looked towards Feng Jiu's tent. When he saw that he had not come out of his tent and only the little beast was keeping guard outside, he couldn't help but shrink back inside his tent.

    He didn't care where they came from, they didn't have anything to do with him at all, so he would just mind his own business. He drew his blanket over his head after he went back inside his tent.

    When they arrived at the campsite, they saw a little beast keeping guard outside one tent but saw no sign of the person inside the tent. There was a little fatty who seemed quite young, who had just ducked back inside his tent.

    \"This is my tent, you can rest inside my tent!\" Song Ming said enthusiastically as he offered up his tent to them. He looked at the injuries on the two women and took out a bottle of medicine and said with pity: \"Your wounds must really hurt? Shall I apply medicine for you?\"

    \"There's no need to mister, I can apply the medicine for them.\" The old woman took the bottle of medicine from him and helped the two women into the tent, separating Song Ming and the two women.

    Seeing this, he touched his nose. He saw Duan Ye tending to his wounds and walked up to him: \"Duan Ye, you're injured? Would you like me to help you bandage your wounds....\" Before he could finish speaking, Duan Ye had stood up and walked back to his tent.

    \"Just take care of the beautiful women you have just saved, I don't need your concern.\"

    Song Ming sat down on the grass and sighed: \"We are all away from home, if we can help we should! Especially beautiful women, don't you agree?\"
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