1016 Dazzling Eyes

    After speaking, he looked back at the tent. However, the person inside didn't reply. So he went to the front of his tent and talked to the two women.

    It was in the middle of the night, but instead of resting, he talked to the two women and found out their names and their predicament. At dawn, when the first rays of sunlight fell on the grass, the tents drifted out sounds of the people within awaking.

    Duan Ye and Ning Lang woke up one after another and started to pack away their own tents. However, there was still no movement from Feng Jiu's tent.

    After packing up, they looked at the two women and old women, then walked over to the stream to wash their faces. Seeing this, Song Ming said to the three of them: \"Don't worry, they're always like that. I have some dried food here, go ahead and eat!\" He brought out some dried food and passed it to them.

    After an hour, Feng Jiu had finally awoken and came out of her tent. She walked out in her dazzling fiery red clothes looking a little sleepy still. She looked at the three people after she stepped out of her tent, then looked away and walked over to the stream to wash her face.

    \"Feng Jiu, last night Song Ming brought back two women and an old lady back to the campsite.\" Ning Lang moved closer to Feng Jiu and spoke, looking back at the tent behind them: \"I think there's something odd about those two women, their clothes aren't worn properly.\"

    After saying that, he seemed to have thought of something else and said in haste: \"I didn't look at them. I just saw Song Ming barely able to look away and staring at them. I think the two women have done this on purpose. They said that they are in trouble and have run away. However, in my expertise, I feel that they are somewhat similar to women from brothels.\"

    Feng Jiu smiled: \"Okay, don't talk nonsense. After all, we aren't travelling with them.\"

    \"Yes, I don't think we should travel with them either. \" He nodded in response then stood up and walked back towards the tent. He called out to Song Ming: \"Song Ming, pack up your things, we shall be leaving shortly.\"

    \"Okay.\" Song Ming responded and started packing away his tent, putting everything into his qiankun bag. He went over to Feng Jiu: \"Feng Jiu, are we flying by sword? Who will help me take them with us.\"

    After Feng Jiu washed her face to freshen up and heard those words, she turned around and looked at Song Ming: \"Who said we are taking them with us? Did I agree?\"

    Song Ming was stunned when he heard this: \"But, they...\"

    \"I don't want to know anything about them. Since you saved them last night, then let's leave it at that, I won't say anything. But they are to go their own way from here on now, they're not allowed to travel with us.\"

    \"We won't let them follow us all the way. We will just drop them off at the next town we come to. At least we would have done our best by them.\"

    \"Not interested.\" She walked past him and came to stand in front of those three people: \"You can go now. It's daylight so you don't have to worry about any danger, don't you agree?\"

    Her cold eyes landed on the three of them, her voice cold and indifferent. She sounded cold blooded and inhuman.

    When the three people saw Feng Jiu, they were startled, especially when her cold gaze landed on them, they couldn't help but look down to avoid her glare.

    These few people looked like teenagers, but they were extraordinary and distinguished. But they were just teenagers, so they shouldn't have matured, yet why were the eyes of the young boy in red so penetrating?
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