1018 Who Enchanted Who


    Feng Jiu reached out and caught her, her eyes gazed into the woman she was supporting and she said quietly: \"Be careful.\"

    The handsome young man's expression was indifferent. Although his pair of clear eyes were somewhat alienated, there was an evil charm that exuded between his eyebrows. His clear eyes at that moment were like the sea, mysterious and deep, and when you looked into them it drew you in so deep you were unable to extricate yourself....

    As she looked at the charming smile on the young boy's lips, the corners of his lips curving upwards, an expression that seemed like he was smiling and yet not smiling, there was an evil within his charm that made her heart skip a beat and she lost her composure for a moment.

    \"Master Feng...\"

    \"There probably aren't many people walking around within this forest. The ground is uneven and there are weeds all over the place. Be careful.\" She said in a gentle voice. Although her voice was faint, it travelled to the woman's ear and the concern in his voice could be heard.

    As she looked at this cold and indifferent young boy, the woman was confused. When they had first met, the impression they got from his was that he was dangerous. However, she had observed him as they travelled together, and felt that he was just an ordinary young boy. At this point when no one else was around, he appeared to be charismatic and wanton.

    He was like a beautiful and deadly poppy, though his danger was obvious, people couldn't help but approach. She watched as he let go of her and continued walking ahead. She bit her lip and followed him.

    The two of them found a source of water, there was a spring that flowed through some rocks in the forest. It wasn't big, but a small pond had formed. The spring water flowed downwards into the ground and was fresh and sweet to taste.

    Feng Jiu bottled up some water and washed her face. She was about to stand up when the woman next to her unbuttoned her outer garment revealing her corset and looked at her with coyness.

    \"Master Feng, can you, can you inspect my wound on my back for me?\"

    Feng Jiu's face was hesitant as she glanced at her again. She said hesitantly: \"It's not a good idea. After all women and men shouldn't be intimate, this..... It's not appropriate.\"

    Upon seeing Feng Jiu's gaze sweep across her body, the woman held her chest up, secretly content and rejoicing on the inside. She knew that all men were perverts.

    \"It's okay, Master Feng isn't just anybody.\" As she spoke, her eyes lowered, her tender and bashful demeanor was like a beautiful blooming flower.

    \"Well then, okay!\" She stepped forward with reluctance. As she came up behind the woman's back, the look of reluctance on her face had disappeared and the corners of her lips curved upwards slightly. She seemed to be smiling as her fingers gently stroked the woman's back.

    \"Your injury is not serious, the redness and swelling has already subsided after the medicine was applied. The scab should fall off in the next two days.\"

    Her voice was faint as she spoke lazily. As she watched her fingers stroke the woman's back, the woman's body trembled slightly and she let out a light groan.

    Feng Jiu's eyebrows raised when she heard the light groan and saw the woman's hands that were holding up her overcoat around her waist fall to her sides. As she turned around, somehow, the straps that were holding her corset up had unravelled and her corset fell down. At that time, an unobstructed view flashed before her eyes.


    She also seemed startled. Once she got over her shock, her arms wrapped across her body covering herself up. She looked at the young boy, her face filled with shame. However, she was dumbfounded when she looked at the boy.
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