1020 Playing it by ear

    \"What did you catch? Pheasants? Come on, I'll do the plucking. ' He came forward to take the pheasant that they brought in and stepped aside to deal with it.

    Ning Lang and Duan Ye glanced at him without saying anything. They lit the fire with tree branches and put up a rack to roast the pheasants.

    The old woman took a look at them and then came to their small tent.

    After some time passed, several pheasants had been put on the rack to roast. Over there, Feng Jiu and the woman returned.

    \"Oh? What a surprise, you caught pheasants!\" She sat down by the fire and watched the pheasants being roasted on the fire rack, looking ravenous.

    \"We were going to catch rabbits, but they ran so fast and disappeared in an instant. Finally, we caught some pheasants. These should be enough for one night.\" Ning Lang explained, then asked Feng Jiu. \"Are you hungry? I still have some food. Do you want to pad your stomach with it first?\"

    \"No, we'll just wait for the roast chicken.\" She waved and glanced at the old woman who came out from the small tent.

    \"Young Masters, this old woman can't help you with anything, but my cooking is decent. Alright! Get some rest, I'll watch the roast chickens.\"

    Song Ming spoke without much thoughts, \"This won't do! You are elderly, you should rest! We can do these small things. Just sit, we'll eat once the roasts are done.\"

    The old woman's smile turned stiff, but she didn't say much, just nodded and sat down.

    Feng Jiu smiled and also sat down. She chatted with Ning Lang and Duan Ye. \"I looked around and saw a spring nearby. The water there is very sweet. Would you like to carry some for the trip?\"

    \"On our way back, we picked some wild fruits. Those are sour and appetizing. Try them.\" Ning Lang handed out some small fruits to her and gave the rest to others.

    Over there, Song Ming was in charge of roasting the pheasants. The old woman and the woman sat by and watched, adding firewood from time to time while talking and laughing with Song Ming.

    Feng Jiu was also talking with Duan Ye and Ning Lang while also paying attention to those people from time to time. She wrote the words \"Play it by ear\" on the ground with a branch and then erased them. With the branch, she drew casually on the ground to kill boredom.

    When the night fell, the roast chicken's aroma pervaded the air. Song Ming called out at them. \"They're ready to eat. Come over.\"

    The three went and sat down by the fire. They ate the roast chicken while chatting. Song Ming sent some to the woman inside the small tent, but he didn't come out after that. The woman stepped out.

    \"Young Master Song said that he was tired. When I saw him feeling a bit better, I came out to let him rest inside.\" The woman came and sat down beside Feng Jiu.

    It was as if a burst of fragrance permeated the air. Ning Lang, sitting at Duan Ye's side, held his head and started to get up, but collapsed on the ground.

    Feng Jiu, who sat beside the woman, tilted her head to the side and looked at the woman. When Duan Ye and Ning Lang collapsed, she frowned. \"You...\" She also fell down and lost consciousness.

    After they all fell down, the three stood up. Two women looked at the old woman and spoke, \"Senior Sister, didn't you say that they are not easy to deal with? Look, they've become our prey. \"

    The old woman took a brief look at several people on the ground and tore off the human skin mask on her face...
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