1021 Can we move to another place?

    It was a woman who seemed to be in her twenties. Her face was pretty and flirtatious, very seductive. Her shoulders were no longer stooped and her waist bent. With her mask torn off, except for her plain and old clothes, she didn't look old at all.

    She glanced at several people on the ground. Her gaze flitted over Duan Ye and Ning Lang, then on the young man in red: \"I don't know about the others, but the one named Feng Jiu gave me a feeling of danger. Be careful, tie them all up, send a signal for our people to carry them back.\"

    Hearing this, the two women assented without further discussion. They bound the people up. At this time, one of them seemed to think of something and asked, \"What about the little pet? Why didn't we see it?\"

    \"Eh? It's really gone. It was here before.\" The other woman also looked around but didn't see the pet that was lying there earlier.

    \"Never mind the pet. It's just a little beast.\" The senior female disciple spoke. She helped them tie up the prisoners, then waited for their people's arrival to carry Feng Jiu and others back to their territory.

    In the night, Cloud Swallowing Beast laid in the grass not far away watching this scene of its Mistress, Duan Ye, and others tied up. About an hour later, seven or eight people consisting of both men and women, came. When they took people away, it also followed them from behind.

    When Duan Ye and Ning Lang woke up, they found that they were locked in a cage. Looking at the cage, Ning Lang remembered the scene of being sold last time and couldn't help shouting. \"Ah! Why am I locked in the cage again? Can't we just change the location? \"

    Feng Jiu chuckled. \"Don't worry, you will soon be able to move to another place that is certainly more comfortable than here.\"

    Duan Ye and Ning Lang looked aside and saw Feng Jiu sat there with a smile evident on her face. She seemed to have awakened long ago. Shocked, Ning Lang asked her, \"What do you mean, moving to another place? Can we really do that? \"

    After looking at the surroundings, Duan Ye asked, \"What's this place?\" Seeing that Song Ming still hadn't awakened, he went over and kicked him. \"Song Ming.\"


    Song Ming, waking up due to the pain, saw Duan Ye glared at him with anger. \"What's wrong?\"

    \"What's wrong? Look at this place.\" He snorted, his baby face was filled with anger. \"If you didn't save those people on the way, would we be locked in a cage?\"

    Song Ming was shocked and remembered the scene at that time. He jumped up quickly. \"What is this place? Why are we all here? \"

    \"This place, ah! I heard them say that it's the Silk Tree Sect, a free-spirited and happy place. In addition to us, there are many boys and girls who are imprisoned here. They also must have been caught and brought here.\"

    She spoke lightly, but Duan Ye and others listened with a heavy heart and their faces darkened. The silk tree sect? That's an evil sect. From hearsay, their cultivation was a type of sorcery called harvesting yin to supplement yang.

    \"How come? Those three women...\" Song Ming looked at them with a face full of guilt and shame. It's all his fault. He got them into trouble.

    \"It's no use saying this now. Let's think about how to get out of here!\" Duan Ye spoke without blaming him. He looked at Feng Jiu, asking, \"Do you have a way out?\"

    Unexpectedly, Feng Jiu shrugged with her palms open. \"None.\"
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