1022 Figuring out a way

    The two were startled. \"None? Then, what should we do?\"

    They thought that she would find a way out. After all, she had told them to deal with things instinctively! Now they're locked up in an iron cage without a way out? Wasn't it just waiting for slaughter?

    \"What to do?\" Feng Jiu smiled. \"We'll know at dawn.\"

    The three men looked at each other, their hearts were flustered and restless. The Silk Tree Sect. Not only their chastity was at stake, they might even lose their lives!

    However, they saw Feng Jiu sitting back, looking relaxed and without a care in the world. They felt strange. But very soon, they realized that although they were awake, their spirit energy was sealed. They couldn't use it at all. And Feng Jiu...

    \"Feng Jiu, your spirit energy wasn't sealed?\" The three leaned close to her and asked in a low voice.

    \"Of course it's not sealed, but you're drugged. Your spirit energy can't be condensed.\" She said leisurely and glanced at them. \"Don't disturb me, I want to sleep.\"

    When the three heard this, they rejoiced. \"If it's related to drugs, you must have a way! Help us remove it quickly! Otherwise, without spirit energy, we are just like ordinary people. If we are caught, what can we do? \"

    Surprisingly, Feng Jiu shook her head. \"You can't. There are some Nascent Soul old monsters here. If your spirit energy aura recovers, they will surely notice it, making it more troublesome. It's better to keep it this way. Don't worry. Play it by ear! If there is a possibility to lose your chastity, push Song Ming out. Anyway, this is just what he wants.\"

    At this, Song Ming got very scared. He looked at Feng Jiu whose eyes were closed. With a sheepish smile, he said, \"That, Feng Jiu, I didn't mean it. No one thought that would happen!\"

    \"Wrong. It was you who didn't think of it. It doesn't mean that it has never crossed my mind.\" She opened her eyes and looked at him. \"Don't hover around me, step aside.\"

    The three could only sit apart. Even though it's late at night, they were not sleepy. It was unknown if it was only a figment of their imagination that they heard some strange noises that night.

    It was an extremely difficult night for them. While waiting and worrying, the next day dawned.

    When the first ray of sunshine fell in the early morning, they could see the surrounding environment clearly. It was on a mountain top. There were some men and women in revealing clothes walking around. There were also some people who came to the iron cage to look at the people entrapped inside.

    \"These young men truly look remarkable. I heard that they were brought back by the Senior Sister.\"

    \"Quite true! Senior Sister and others went out this time to catch a lot of boys and girls for our sect. However, there are no outstanding ones like these.\"

    \"I've heard that they are given as tribute for the teachers.\"

    \"Yes, such excellent young men should be dedicated to the teachers. However, Senior Sister and her team must be awarded by the teachers for bringing over such excellent young men.\"

    \"That's for sure.\"

    The young men inside the iron cage looked at those women outside who stared at them ruthlessly like wolves and tigers. Goosebumps erupted all over their bodies. When those women left, the three men in the cage leaned towards Feng Jiu.

    \"Feng Jiu, please think something up! Or, you speak, we will do what you asked. If it goes on like this, we will die.\"
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