1023 Fake defection

    Feng Jiu chuckled. \"Here, we must be fake defectors. Whatever they tell us to do, we'll do it! Act as you see fit and find out the situation here first. \"

    \"But we can't gather our spirit energy. What should we do if some accidents happen?\" Song Ming asked anxiously.

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu quipped, \"Isn't this just right for you? The women here look pretty good. Anyway, you are a man and won't suffer a loss. Just take this opportunity to enjoy yourself freely in this group of women, so that you won't just open your legs whenever you see a woman. \"

    \"Feng Jiu...\"

    \"Alright, I won't joke with you. Well, take this! Wait until the critical moment to eat, it can relieve the effect of the drug on your body. Don't let anyone find out. \"

    With a flip of the hand, she handed them three pills. She gave them a meaningful look while assigning them a task, \"If you don't have the strength, you have to use your brain. Don't just use force to solve it. Sometimes, you also need to use your own advantages.\"

    The three men's hearts stirred at this. They mulled about the meaning inwardly.

    At this time, two women came from some distance away. It was the two flirty women that they first met. While they exuded less charm at the chaos outside, right now, a fatal attraction oozed all over their bodies.

    The fabric on the body was almost transparent, making the pattern of the undergarments covering their breasts clearly seen. A pair of long legs were exposed on their side-slit skirts, looking very seductive.

    They stopped at the iron cage and observed the people inside. Their gazes fell on Song Ming and Feng Jiu respectively. Compared to the baby-faced Duan Ye and the pleasant and chubby Ning Lang, their eyes were attracted by Feng Jiu, whose lips were slightly curved, and Song Ming, who exuded manly charm.

    \"We truly wronged you by having you shut inside this small iron cage.\" One of the girls smiled, lightly covering her red lips. She looked at Feng Jiu who leaned back inside the cage without any anger. Her heart stirred at the youngster's handsome and devilishly unrestrained smile.

    She came forward to open the cage's lock and looked at the people inside. With a delicate voice, she told them, \"Don't think of escaping. When you come to this place, you won't be able to escape. Our Masters want to see you, go with us!\"

    Feng Jiu stood up. She flicked her robe and stepped out of the iron cage with a graceful and serene movement, as if she was in the garden back home. When the other three saw her leaving, they followed her out and trailed behind the two women to meet their Masters while looking at the surroundings along the way.

    In terms of the layout and the number of people, this looked like a small sect. This place had hills and rivers as well as some pavilions on the top of the hill. But there were only about two hundred people.

    Feng Jiu mused, this place was obviously occupied and ruled by this group of women. However, how come nobody controlled this area? Normally, such a cult was not allowed to exist in the second-grade countries.

    Perhaps, they only appeared not long ago? Or, was this place suppressed by the powerful people?

    While pondering throughout the journey following the two women in front, they were taken to a big hall. Upon entering the hall, Feng Jiu was slightly surprised to see the people who sat at the master seat as well as the subordinate seats.
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