1024 The advantages and disadvantages

    In the middle sat three gorgeous women who seemed to be in their twenties. But, when it came to their bone age, they were already centenarians. Their strengths were at the Nascent Soul level. Two of them were Nascent Soul early-stage cultivators, while the one in the middle was a Nascent Soul middle-stage cultivator.

    There were two rows of seats where ten people sat on their left and right. Their strengths were at the Foundation Building middle-stage. Five of them were male, while the other five were women. Compared to the three women whose appearance seemed to be in their twenties, those ten people sitting below were in their thirties and forties.

    Among them, some of the men had lost their youthfulness. Their figures were emaciated as if their bodies were taxed to the extreme. When several of them came in, besides the five women sitting below, a chilling glint also flashed on some of those men's eyes.

    When Feng Jiu and others sized up those people inside the hall, those people were also doing the same thing. However, their gazes swept past a few of them and were locked at the red-robed Feng Jiu who carried a devilish aura on her body.

    In addition to her remarkably beautiful looks, the most noticeable thing about Feng Jiu was her temperament. She could be wanton and domineering, be devilishly charming, or be kind and honest like a sheep with an innocent face, or be alluring and elegant with an unparalleled dignity. At the same time, she could be magnificent and intimidating.

    Even if the people around were all having remarkable origins and outstanding appearance and temperament, as long as they stood together with Feng Jiu, they would be outshined. They were likened to the stars that came upon the bright moon.

    \"You are all two-star academy students?\" The woman reclining in the middle of the room glanced at the rainbow-coloured glazed feather on Feng Jiu's waist.

    \"That's right.\" Feng Jiu answered, looking at that inquiring woman. \"Our two-star academy shouldn't have any grudges with you, right? What are you trying to do by getting your disciples to catch us?\"

    \"This is the task assigned by the Silk Tree Sect. Our sect was established not long ago and still needs some disciples.\" The woman played with her hair and looked at Feng Jiu. \"You all look outstanding. Are you interested in being a disciple of the Silk Tree Sect? For you, I may consider several of you as my direct subordinate. \"

    \"But to be part of our sect, you have to lose your virginity first. If you agree, I can personally teach you about intimate affairs between men and women.\"

    When they heard this, they felt the chills. The old monster was already over a hundred years old. She had the nerve to snatch the cradle, gnawing on their tender grass? Truly shameless.

    Feng Jiu lifted her brows. \"What if I don't agree?\"

    \"Disagree? Haha, I think you'll agree.\" She examined her own slender fingers and said softly, \"Because those who disagree are usually only used as vessels for disciples to practice.\"


    Their complexions turned sombre. If they agreed, they would be used by the old monster granny and if disagreed, anyone could use them until they were sucked dry. They were indeed an evil sect, without any sense of shame.

    Feng Jiu's eyes flickered, her lips turned up. \"This, we have to think it over.\"

    \"You can. I give you a day.\"

    The woman looked at Feng Jiu with her red lips curved and smiled at the two women at the side. \"Take them to see our Silk Tree Sect. Let them see the advantages of being disciples of our sect and the disadvantages of being a vessel.\"
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