1025 Very skilled

    \"Yes.\" The two women responded and told Feng Jiu and others. \"Let's go!\"

    Feng Jiu followed the two women out. After they left, the others also got up in succession and withdrew. There were only three people on the master seats left.

    \"The temperaments of these people are not ordinary. They should be children of some influential families.\" The woman on the left spoke.

    \"Mm, each of the four has his own characteristics, especially the young man in red. He is really stunning.\"

    \"Among those four, the young man in red is indeed the most outstanding. If you can get them under you, you'll get unexpected surprises.\"

    \"But, will they agree in the end?\"

    \"Is there any other way for them besides agreeing?\" The woman in the middle remarked and looked out, her beautiful eyes were captivating. \"When they see the benefits of our Silk Tree Sect, they will stay willingly.\"

    The other two smiled at each other. This beauty nest was the most overwhelming for men. When they came here, how could they refuse the gorgeous, dainty and passionate women that are alike flourishing blossoms?

    Perhaps, being over-confident that Feng Jiu and others wouldn't be able to escape and loath to part with their freedom. After all, in their eyes, those people are youths still in their teens. How hard was it to win them by tricks?

    Therefore, led by the two women, Feng Jiu's group of four were familiarized with the place. They took them to the place where their disciples were. Once they entered those places, they could see the fresh and pure, alluring or beautiful and voluptuous women sitting around. When those women saw them coming, they stared at them like wolves and tigers.

    Also, there were fewer male cultivators here and more females.

    \"Oh, these are the young ones dedicated to the teachers? They are so handsome. \"An enchanting woman leaned over and her slender lily-white hands were about to touch Feng Jiu's face.

    \"Put away your fox claws. He's not the one you can touch.\" One of the women who led the way glanced coldly and slapped the woman's hand away.

    \"Oh! You're protecting them?\"

    She smiled tenderly and looked askance at the other woman while caressing her bosom lightly with one hand. It was as if she was attracting the people's line of sight to follow her hand's movement on her plump chest. Finally, she cast a coquettish glance at Feng Jiu and smiled. \"Little brother, after becoming one of us, remember to come often! I'll wait for you here. \"

    \"Big Sister, not only are you beautiful but you also have the best figure I've ever seen. How should I call you?\"

    Feng Jiu smiled with her eyes narrowed to half-moons. A devilishly charming smile was pasted on her beautiful face. Her gaze, unrestrained with naked admiration, lingered on the woman for a long time.

    Hearing this and taking another look at Feng Jiu's lustful gaze, Song Ming, Duan Ye, and Ning Lang drew their lip corners to a straight line. They didn't open their eyes, couldn't bear to look straight.

    Feng Jiu told them to make good use of their own strengths and advantages. So this was the way she used them. The handsome man stratagem? All right! It was the first time they had ever seen how skilled Feng Jiu was in seducing a woman using the handsome man stratagem without any hint of discomfort or reluctance.

    Even those two women who led the way were stunned to hear Feng Jiu's words and looked at her in astonishment. During the whole journey, they were unable to tell that she was lecherous.
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