1026 Don’t play tricks

    When the bewitching woman heard what Feng Jiu had said, she took another look with her eyes half squinted, unable to look away. With a hand covering her lips, she smiled coquettishly. \"What a tongue you've got! You're truly a good talker. \"

    She glanced provocatively at the two women, and then told Feng Jiu, \"Later on, please call me Senior Sister Tao!\"

    \"Let's go! We'll show you around.\" The two women brought them to another location with a gloomy face.

    While leaving, Feng Jiu smiled at the gorgeous woman then followed the two women to leave.

    Walking inside, in addition to seeing some alluring women, there were men and women cuddling, flirting and teasing each other. The scene made them speechless.

    After seeing the disciples' residences and their daily life, they were taken to the places where people were used as vessels. Some boys and girls were kept inside the iron cages there who seemed to have just been captured and have not yet been tamed. Some others were sitting dazedly in the cages with ragged clothes, their looks were lifeless and dull.

    Feng Jiu and her friends' eyes jolted seeing those despondent girls with red scars on their bodies. After suppressing their rage, they walked around those people. At this time, when a male cultivator came to the cage to choose a girl, the girls in the cage were huddled together, crying and begging.

    \"What are you crying for? You, come out!\" The male cultivator pointed to one of the girls, yelling at them with a ferocious look.

    Feng Jiu glanced. Her fingers made a slight movement and a silver needle flew out.


    The man groaned. He suddenly fell to the ground convulsing, so that the people around him hurriedly came and examined him. Even those two who led the way for Feng Jiu and others saw that scene and went forward to check after giving them an explanation.

    \"Here is the medicine, eat them. Find the upwind to set fire, let it saturate with the air.\" She took it from her sleeve and stuffed it in Duan Ye's hand.

    \"Mm.\" Duan Ye acknowledged. Together with Ning Lang, they slipped away quickly while taking advantage of the chaos.

    The man on the ground died after convulsing for a while. They couldn't find the cause because Feng Jiu's silver needle pierced the body and was wholly embedded inside. Naturally, the cause couldn't be discovered.

    \"What about the other two?\" They asked with a frown since they only saw Feng Jiu and Song Ming.

    \"They went to pee. Do you want to go?\" Feng Jiu asked those women with a shadow of a smile on her face.

    The woman glared at Feng Jiu. \"You'd better not play any tricks. Otherwise, you'd rather be dead. Go.\" She went ahead to lead the way, while the other person went looking for Duan Ye and Ning Lang.

    \"By the way, what's over there?\" Feng Jiu pointed to a place far-off from there.

    \"It's not a place where you can go, just follow.\" The woman answered them in a sour mood while looking back at them.

    Feng Jiu motioned Song Ming to come forward and settle the woman. Song Ming felt awkward, but he closed his eyes and strode forward to embrace the woman on Feng Jiu's watch.

    The woman was shocked and asked with a frown. \"Song Ming, what are you doing?\"

    \"If I'm entering the Silk Tree Sect, I want to dual-cultivate with you.\" Song Ming answered with some anticipation in his eyes: \"You know it. You know that I like you, and you like me, too, right?\"

    So be it! After saying that, he felt goosebumps rose over his body.
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