1027 As pretty as flowers

    The woman was doubtful. \"Have you really decided to join us?\"

    \"Do we have any other alternatives?\" Song Ming said with a smile. \"Besides, I think it's very good here. There are beauties everywhere.\"

    Hearing this, thinking back on Song Ming taking advantage of them from time to time on the journey, the woman had no suspicion. She wrapped her hands around his neck and smiled. \"You are right, you really have no other choice...\"

    Then her body went stiff and hung limply in Song Ming's arms, unable to speak a word.

    Song Ming held the woman in his arms and looked up at Feng Jiu. She was scanning the surrounding, saying, \"Take her away, I'll handle the people around here.\"

    \"Be careful.\" Song Ming warned and supported the incapacitated woman and went away.

    The place where the vessels were confined was isolated from the other side with about a dozen people guarding it. Two of them were Foundation Building cultivators. It would take some efforts to dispose of these people quietly.

    So, she approached them stealthily. If it could be settled quietly, she would. After all, there were only women inside.

    After disposing of those dozen people quietly, she approached the two remaining female Foundation Building cultivators. However, before she could come closer, they had already spotted her.

    \"What are you doing here? What about the two people who led you? \" They asked Feng Jiu with knitted brows.

    Feng Jiu smiled and eyed them quietly. They were two of the five female Foundation Building cultivators she had saw earlier in the palace hall. With a smile, she explained, \"After coming out of the toilet, I lost track of them. I am not very familiar with this location and lost my way, so I'm here to ask.\"

    The two people looked at each other, then their gazes fell on the red robed and elegant Feng Jiu, revealing a charming smile: \"I seem to remember that your name is Feng Jiu?\"


    After giving this answer, she asked, \"Senior sisters, can you let me in to drink a cup of water?\"

    \"Coming in? Hahaha, aren't you afraid of us devouring you?\" The two giggled flirtatiously. They obviously looked like they were in their thirties, yet they were still attracted to young and tender youths.

    Feng Jiu chuckled and scanned their voluptuous bodies that sent out a mature and amorous aura. She remarked with a smile. \"Both Senior Sisters are as pretty as flowers. If Feng Jiu is really to your liking, isn't it Feng Jiu's blessing?\"

    \"Annoying. You're truly a good talker. What a glib tongue!\" They looked at her, acting sulky. One of them clasped Feng Jiu's robe with her fingers lightly. \"Get in!\" She cast coquettish glances at Feng Jiu and said, \"Close the door.\"

    \"Yes.\" She answered softly and her smile deepened. She followed them into the room and closed the door.

    Shortly after the door was closed, an emaciated and grizzled Foundation Building man stared at the closed door and chuckled. \"It turned out that he's a hypocrite. Bah! I couldn't tell that he has such a big appetite.\"

    Soon after, he heard two soft groans and some thumping sounds. While he was still wondering, he saw the young man in the red robe come out and straighten his collar. As he stepped out, he stood still, looking at where he stood, with his arms crossed and they very next moment, his indolent voice rang out.
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