1250 Prepare To Fatten Her Up

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze couldn't help it and almost smiled when he saw her greedy cat look. He knew that she liked good food and loved to eat. Besides, after she had infiltrated his residence, she became a manservant, she probably didn't get to eat any good food. It was only natural that he had transferred her to his side so that she could eat better food.

    What's more, though it wasn't as obvious from afar, but up close she looked like she had lost a lot of weight. Could it be that she had not been eating well while she was going from place to place on the outside? When he saw how thin she had become, it made his heart ache.

    He had then secretly decided that he would take the opportunity to fatten her up.

    "Eat." He gestured.

    "Okay." She responded with a smile, her eyes crinkled up into crescents. She stood at the side of the table and picked up a pair of chopsticks and an empty plate. She was about to pick up a piece of meat to eat when she heard a voice.

    "Sit down to eat."

    When they heard this, Shadow One and Gray Wolf were dumbfounded. The two of them couldn't help but glanced at each other then back at My Lord and then at the manservant. They couldn't see anything in the manservant that would make My Lord give him special treatment!

    "Yes." Feng Jiu made herself at home and sat down after she responded. After she picked up a piece of meat to eat, she tried every single dish before finally pushing them in front of Xuanyuan Mo Ze.

    "The two of you may retreat." Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at the two of them.


    The two of them responded and retreated after bowing respectfully. Once they were outside, Gray Wolf looked at Shadow One bizarrely and asked: "How did you know that manservant was the one My Lord was looking for? There doesn't seem to be anything special about that manservant!"

    Shadow One glanced at him and replied: "These few days there's only been one new manservant in the inner courtyard, My Lord's food has been tested by specially-assigned people, now he asked for his food to be tested, it's not as simple as just food testing, there must be a problem with this person."

    With that, he paused for a little bit and then he walked away.

    "Hey, where are you going?" Gray Wolf asked.

    "I'm going to look for Yang Yong to inquire about him." He had transferred the manservant in, he should know the details.

    Upon hearing this, Gray Wolf quickly followed him: "I will come with you."

    In the courtyard, Xuanyuan Mo Ze watched her eat, he saw her eyes lit up at the sight of all the good food and he looked at her happy face as she ate. His eyes lit up with a smile at the sight of this.

    This woman, couldn't she have just told him that she had arrived? She had to make herself suffer like this and she didn't even have a good meal to eat.

    "Your name is Little Plum?" He asked after adjusting his expression, his voice was deep and cold.

    "Yes, I am the distant nephew of the steward in the outer courtyard." Feng Jiu said as she moved a plate of food towards him: "My Lord, this is quite nice, it tastes good."

    "Mmm." He responded then picked up a pair of chopsticks and ate a piece. When he saw that she had stopped eating, he asked: "Are you not eating anymore?"

    She swallowed her saliva and smiled: "I've already tried all these." If I ate again I would finish all the food on the table.

    "Your Liege can't finish so much, go ahead, eat! If you don't eat it will only get thrown away later."

    When she heard this her expression was a bit strange: "My Lord, are you this good to your servants all the time?" This man, had he recognised that it was her? Otherwise, why would he tell her to eat?

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at her, his voice was deep and magnetic as he spoke: "Your Liege just thinks you're pleasing to the eye, if you don't eat then I will change to another manservant tomorrow to test my food."
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