1035 It’s over

    The moment this notion appeared, without any further thoughts, they wanted to run away.

    The tide had turned. When should they flee if not now?

    Feng Jiu, who was halfway up the mountain, saw the two women flee in two different directions. Her eyes flashed coldly. As she swept down quickly, she took out the Red Armillary Sash at her waist and attacked one of the Nascent Soul cultivators.


    With a sharp shout, the seven-foot-long Red Armillary Sash seemed to possess a spirit of its own and flew to attack straight to the Nascent Soul evil cultivator. It swiftly appeared behind the evil cultivator and wrapped around her body and bound her tightly at a lightning speed.


    The evil Nascent Soul cultivator didn't expect that she would be tied up by the red sash when she ran away in a panic. She was struggling to break free but the more she struggled, the tighter the red sash bound her.

    The red sash wrapped around her body tightly like a big snake, making her unable to breathe. Moreover, the red sash was still tightening up and she was unable to use any strength, let alone trying to break its hold.

    At this time, the whizzing sound of a sharp arrow burst out in the air. The pointed tip of the arrow carried a sharp aura, making the whizzing sound when it was shot right in the middle of her forehead.

    As the blood splashed out and her body collapsed, a blood red Nascent Soul sprang out of the cultivator's body. It was in a panic and wanted to escape. Then, a second arrow shot out again and this time, it penetrated the blood red Nascent Soul. When the arrow went through, the Nascent Soul fell down and it was quickly devoured by the Cloud Devouring Beast.

    Duan Ye and Ning Lang both froze. Looking in the direction where the arrows were shot, they saw Song Ming standing on the mountain not far away with a bow and arrow in his hands.

    \"Gosh! What kind of treasure is it? It doesn't look like an ordinary bow and arrow.\"

    Ning Lang exclaimed with curiosity. Staring at the bow in Song Ming's hand, he found that the arrow had returned to Song Ming's hands as if it possessed a spirit. It's definitely at the rank of the magic weapon.

    \"Bang! Whoosh, whoosh! Bang!\"

    The sound of fighting over there drew back the attention of several people. They saw Feng Jiu fighting with the remaining Nascent Soul cultivator. The evil female cultivator knew that she was doomed, so she wanted to go all-out in this battle.

    At this moment, she didn't expect to kill her opponent any more. She just wanted to protect her own life. However, the more she fought, the more she felt that the other side became more valiant. So to speak, the red robed youth named Feng Jiu was born to be a fighter.

    He was extremely fast and his attacks were sharp and fierce, unlike any other Golden Core who were at the mid-stage at all, but more like a Nascent Soul peak-stage old monster. It was truly amazing.

    The two were fighting on the ground. The airflow collided with the sword, making a deep hole in the ground. Dust and smoke were flying. A powerful stream of air was formed and the pressure spread.

    \"It's over.\"

    Feng Jiu's cold voice rang out, carrying a killing intent. The Nascent Soul evil cultivator was still thinking of a way to escape. When the figure in red swept in and appeared in front of her, the Qingfeng Sword covered with a green glint, slashed at her with the breath of death.

    At that moment, her whole body seemed to be jolted by something. She was unable to move and froze in the air until the Qingfeng sword split her in half.
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