1039 Shooting oneself in the foo

    Hearing this, the couple froze for a moment, then surprise was written all over their faces. \"Oh? Do you have friends coming? Where are they from? Why haven't I heard you mention it?\"

    As far as they knew, their son didn't seem to have made many friends nor did he ever mentioned any friends or the like in front of them. There were even fewer friends coming home. Therefore, they were surprised to hear this.

    It turned out their son still had friends!

    Seeing his parents' expression, Luo Fei's lips twitched. Suddenly, he felt that it was not a good thing to say. If they were interested in staying home to welcome his friends, then...

    Madam Luo looked at him with disapproval. \"What's with you, kid? Why do you tell your parents to go away when your friends are coming? What will the guests think? Besides, would you, not yet an adult, know how to take care of guests? Let us help you look after them. Don't worry, we won't make them feel uncomfortable.\"

    Luo's family head also nodded. \"Right, right. Your Father would like to take this opportunity to meet some of your friends. Those who can befriend you, I believe, must be excellent. We can't neglect them.\"

    Luo Fei's smile vanished. The corners of his lips twitched and black lines crossed his forehead. He felt as if he were shooting himself in the foot as he watched his parents, who were already discussing excitedly on how to entertain their guests.

    \"That, Father, Mother, actually, I can...\"

    Before he could finish, Luo's family head glared at him and started scolding him. \"What can you do? How much ability do you have, an ignorant kid, that your parents don't know? You can only stir trouble and make mischief. Let you entertain guests? Can you do that?\"

    \"I can!\"

    Why couldn't he? What's more, he had intended to play tricks. Since it's inconvenient to have his parents there, he had to think of ways to coax them to leave. Unexpectedly, they didn't want to. Instead, they were telling him that they would stay to help him welcome the guests.

    \"Alright, that's settled. Your parents will stay to help you greet the guests. Rest assured, it's not rude when you have us here. Otherwise, when your friends come, they will see the owner of the house is out to avoid them. What's that like?\" Madam. Luo said with a smile. \"Come, tell your mother, how many friends are coming to see you? When will they arrive? I'll get ready! \"

    Seeing his son looking awkward and aloof, Luo's family head suddenly turned grumpy, kicking him directly while scolding him in a huff. \"Kid, you don't appreciate your blessings. Others can't wait for their parents to help with the guests, but you look disdainful.\"

    \"I didn't.\" He quickly dodged and looked aggrieved at his mother. Who knew that his mother wouldn't help him.

    \"Tell us, Fei'er, when will your friends arrive? Do you need us to send someone to pick them up? They haven't been to our house. I'm afraid they don't know the way. Let's do that! Take someone to the city gate to wait and bring them home. \"


    \"Be obedient, go!\" She motioned and smiled at Luo's family head. \"It's rare that Fei'er has friends coming. We can't be rude. Let me arrange it first and have people clean up some rooms.\"

    \"Alright, go, then!\"

    Luo's family head waved. Upon seeing his son stood there with some reluctance, he immediately glared at him. \"What are you doing? Didn't you hear your Mother? \"
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