1040 I’ve been waiting for so long

    Luo Fei moved his mouth, but could only sigh and did nothing but obey his father and mother. So, having told them that they might arrive in the evening, he went back first, and planned to think about a solution.

    Luo's family head and Madam were delighted to know that the guests would come in the evening. They were busy arranging for the banquet. In fact, it was because they knew their son had few friends that they were so excited when they heard that his friends were coming.

    Interacting with friends had a great influence on oneself. If they made friends with good people, they could learn good things. If they made friends who were too reckless and excessive, they would learn bad things. Therefore, the parents were hoping that this time he would bring some friends home so that they could check them out and see what kind of friends they were.

    If their behaviours were bad, having extreme characters and bad morals, his parents would cut off their friendship. If their behaviours were proper and upright, they would let their son associate more and learn from them.

    Teenagers were in a rebellious stage. They had many opportunities to meet bad people and it was easy to follow a bad example and became crooked. As parents, they wouldn't harm their children and would only worry about their child getting heartbroken.

    When night fell, the guards still hadn't reported them arriving at the city gate. Father and Mother Luo had urged him to go out and wait for them. Grudgingly, he had no choice but to take people to the city gate and wait.

    Sitting on a stone, Luo Fei was bored stiff. He looked around with a dog's tail grass in his mouth. He saw so many people entering the city, but those that he was waiting for had not arrived yet.

    \"They're still not here yet? Didn't you say they are in the evening? Making this Young Master wait for so long, it seems my reputation is not big enough.\"

    \"Young Master, Young Master, they're here.\" One of the guards shouted, pointing to several people who were walking up ahead.

    Luo Fei looked towards the visitor. Sure enough, he saw a red figure with three people and a small pet coming toward his side. His eyes passed over the three people and fell on the young man dressed in red.

    This guy was the teacher? Were there such outstanding people In a place like the six star academy?

    Reportedly, he made a mess of the two star academy's sacred realm and advanced to become a Golden Core cultivator. Tsk tsk, a seventeen to eighteen year old Golden Core cultivator. He's a talented monster. They wanted to find one of the talents of the second class countries to compete with him.

    Pooh pooh!

    What's harder to find than him? Just a kid from the sixth grade country. He would not take him seriously.

    He grinned as he thought about it and greeted them with a smile of joy.

    When Duan Ye the three of them saw the boy coming, they were flabbergasted. Wasn't that boy Luo Fei? How did he know they were coming? Was he waiting for them here?

    Feng Jiu glanced at Luo Fei and a faint light fleeted across her eyes. There was no surprise on her face. Compared with Duan Ye and others, she knew someone was watching them throughout the whole journey. She was thinking about who they were! But looking at the current situation, it should have been Luo Fei, the little fox.

    \"Teacher Feng, I've been waiting for so long, looking forward to your coming.\" He came in front of Feng Jiu, greeting with enthusiasm.
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