1041 Sooner Or Later

    Upon seeing this, Duan Ye and the rest were slightly surprised and their mouths were open in shock. Teacher Feng? He knew that Feng Jiu was a teacher? Luo Fei actually had news from the academy? And he knew that Feng Jiu would come here?

    Feng Jiu smiled at the approaching youth with a passionate smile on his face: \"You are well informed.\"

    \"Hehe, that's because I'm home all day and I get bored, so I like to inquire about the news. It just so happens that I know someone from the academy who found out about it and told me. That's why I know Teacher Feng will be coming. I have been waiting here for three days and three nights. Finally, you have arrived.\"

    Duan Ye and the rest were speechless when they heard his casual words. Even Feng Jiu's lips twitched as she looked at the enthusiastic teenager, not knowing what to say.

    \"Teacher Feng, I have prepared a sedan chair for you. Please, get on the sedan chair.\" He leaned over and shouted to the people behind him: \"What are you doing standing there? Hurry up and lift the sedan chair up.\"

    The four guards lifted up the sedan chair. It was a one person sedan chair, not very eye catching.

    Feng Jiu glanced at the sedan chair and said: \"No need, I will just walk in myself. I can also look at the scenery in the city.\"

    \"How can I allow that? You're a teacher, I can't treat you with indifference. Please do not stand on ceremony. Now that you are here, it is like as if you are in my home, please!\"

    \"Luo Fei, you're too impolite. Since you have come to meet us, then you should have brought more sedan chairs. Why have you only brought one for Feng Jiu? The difference in our treatment is too obvious.\" Ning Lang said with dissatisfaction. He glared at him, unhappy with his treatment towards them.

    \"Haha! You guys can't compare with a teacher! Students have to behave like students, don't you understand respect for teachers? I understand that I have to respect my teachers. To be honest, it's not far. Once we have entered the city, it's only a short walk from there. My home is nearby.\" He grinned and beckoned for Feng Jiu to get on the sedan chair.

    Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu's lips curved upwards and she stepped forward. The guard lifted up the curtain and lowered the sedan chair and asked her to step inside. She took a look inside the sedan chair before she bent her body and entered the sedan chair to sit down.

    Duan Ye and Song Ming looked at each other without saying a word. Seeing the sedan chair being lifted up and brought towards the city gate, they followed behind. However, after only taking a few steps, they were stopped by Luo Fei.

    \"Hey, how come you guys are hanging around with him?\"

    His arms were crossed over his chest as he spoke to the three of them: \"If my news is accurate, this Feng guy is only a student from a Six Star Academy who had gone to participate in the inter-academy competition. How did you get abducted by him? If it was just one student then so be it, but the three of you? Are you alright?\"

    After hearing this, the three of them looked at each other and a smile spread across their faces, one that others could not understand.

    Song Ming looked at a dissatisfied looking Luo Fei and smiled: \"Did you not just call him Teacher Feng? Why has he become that Feng guy once he's turned his back? Since your news is so accurate, then don't you know why we are following him?\"

    Luo Fei was puzzled by the strange smiles from the three of them and asked: \"Is it not because you've been abducted by him? Is there something else that I don't know about?\"

    \"Hehe, we won't tell you about that, since you will find out sooner or later.\" Ning Lang smiled, his eyes squinting mischievously as he did so, and sauntered to the front with Duan Ye and Song Ming.
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