1043 Superior in strategy

    While the two of them looked Feng Jiu up and down, Feng Jiu also looked back at them, sizing them up without making it obvious. When the two of them walked over, she stood up and nodded at them with a smile.

    \"Master Luo, Madam Luo.\"

    \"Hehehe, please sit down Young Master.\" The more Master Luo looked at him, the more satisfied he felt. He thought that his son's friend was remarkably outstanding, much more than his own son was.

    He was dressed in red clothes that dazzled like fire, and its splendour was infinite.

    The young man exuded the wantonness of the red clothes, respectfulness and radiance, on top of the evil charm oozed from his bones. Coupled with his handsome face, it was truly stunning at first sight. At first glance, it was obvious that he had come from a respectable family and had been brought up well. That's where his good grace and disposition had come from.

    \"May I know what Young Master's name is?\" Master Luo asked with a smile as he looked at the young boy sitting below.

    \"My surname is Feng, my name is Jiu. Master Luo can just call me Feng Jiu.\"

    \"You must be the friend that Fei'er mentioned.\" Madam Luo smiled gently: \"Fei'er told us this morning that he has friends visiting. We have been preparing all morning and are only afraid that we are unable to cater to our guests well enough. Master Feng, since you are here, you must stay and enjoy yourself.\"

    Madam Luo seemed to have thought of something else and continued speaking: \"That's right, is Master Feng also a student from the Two Star Academy? I never imagined that our Fei'er would be able to befriend such an outstanding young man in the academy.\"

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu smiled and replied: \"You are both misunderstood. I am not a student from the Two Star Academy.\"

    She then took out her teacher identity card and handed it over to them: \"I am a teacher from the Two Star Academy. The Headmaster has tasked Luo Fei and three other students to be under my tutelage. Therefore, I am here to take him away.\"


    The husband and wife were very surprised, such a young teacher? They inspected the identity card, and he was indeed a teacher from the Two Star Academy.

    Perhaps the Luo family didn't possess a portrait of the Ghost Doctor, that was probably why Master Luo didn't know that the young boy dressed in red in front of him was the world renowned Ghost Doctor. Besides, after taking a look at his identity card, they wouldn't think much more of it either.

    \"Yes. The friends Luo Fei mentioned are probably us. Other than myself, the three others are students from the same academy who have accompanied me on my journey.\" Her lips curved into a smile as she chuckled: \"However, they are all still probably out and will be back later on.\"

    \"I see.\" The couple looked at each other and laughed. After understanding the situation, they sat in the hall and chatted to Feng Jiu as they waited for the others to return. They had waited for over two hours and the sky outside was getting dark before the butler came running in to report their arrival.

    \"Master, Madam, Young Master and his friends have returned.\"

    As soon as he had finished speaking, a figure came striding into the front hall breathlessly. When he saw the young boy in red sitting there chatting to his parents smiling away, he couldn't contain his anger and screamed as soon as he entered the hall.

    \"Teacher Feng! What are you doing here?\"

    To think they had been outside searching for ages, not knowing where he had gone. Who would have thought that he had come to his house. According to the butler, he had been chatting to his parents for over two hours. He was infuriated.
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