1044 Peace Of Mind

    \"Watch your tone. Is that the attitude a student should use when speaking to his teacher? You are getting more and more impudent!\" Master Luo hollered in a deep voice, his somber expression was majestic as he stared at an angry Luo Fei.

    \"Father, we have been searching for him outside for over two hours, and he had actually come back to the house by himself.\" Luo Fei said angrily as he stared fiercely at Feng Jiu, his fake good-naturedness earlier had completely disappeared.

    Duan Ye, Ning Lang and Song Ming stepped forwards and bowed: \"Greetings Master Luo, Madam Luo.\"

    At this point, Master Luo and Madam Luo's gaze shifted to the three of them. When they saw Duan Ye and the rest, they smiled and nodded, then said: \"Sit down, come sit down and have a rest!\"

    The three of them responded and sat down at one side. As soon as they had sat down, their eyes turned to look at Feng Jiu who was sitting in front of them stroking Cloud Devouring's fur playfully.

    When they were unable to find him, they wondered if he had already come to the Luo Residence. However, even though they had guessed that was what happened, they didn't inform Luo Fei, and found a place to sit down and drink a cup of tea instead. They watched on as Luo Fei searched the whole city over the next two hours, then returned to the Luo Residence with him.

    Based on Feng Jiu's character, he was unlikely to be at a disadvantage. Luo Fei wanted to make a fool out of him but in the end he would be the one who ended up looking like a fool.

    \"How may we address the three of you? Are you all students from the Two Star Academy?\" Madam Luo asked with a smile as her gentle gaze fell on the three of them.

    \"Like Luo Fei, we don't like to stay at the academy, so we have been home helping out.\" As soon as Ning Lang had said that, his foot was stepped on and he drew a breath in slightly. He saw Song Ming frowning at him and he turned to smile at Master and Madam Luo.

    \"Hahaha, it's actually quite good staying home. My father and mother dote on me a lot. My father is called Ning Yuan. He is the richest man in Indigo Country. My name is Ning Lang.\"

    \"Ah, so it is Indigo Country Master's son.\"

    Master Luo smiled, his eyes filled with admiration: \"I have heard that Young Master Ning has been helping Master Ning earn money from a young age and often comes up with more ideas to make money, and that he's a natural at earning money. Today I have the opportunity to meet Young Master Ning, exuding wealth and prosperity. I am envious of Master Ning having such a capable son.\"

    Ning Lang was a little embarrassed at the high praise, and looked a little uncomfortable. He scratched his head and said with a grin: \"Master Luo, you're too kind.\"

    \"I am Song Ming, this is Duan Ye. We are all students from the Two Star Academy. We have followed our teacher to come out and practise our skills.\" Song Ming introduced them with a smile. He looked at an angry Luo Fei and smiled: \"The few of us have been on this journey for a while now, we are just short of Luo Fei.\"

    Master Luo's eyes narrowed as he smiled: \"With the few of you as his companions and Teacher Feng as your teacher, I am more than happy to let my son leave with you. However, this boy is a difficult person. I am afraid Teacher Feng, he will cause you trouble.\" He looked at Feng Jiu.

    Feng Jiu smiled lightly and said: \"Master Luo you can rest assured that my specialty is to teach these difficult students.\"

    \"Hahaha, okay. Then I shall leave my son in your care. Thank you teacher for your trouble.\"

    He chuckled and looked at his son: \"Fei'er, why are you just standing there? Hurry up and pay your respects to your teacher and ask for his tutelage.\"
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