1045 I Raise A Toast To You

    Luo Fei glanced at Feng Jiu and snorted. He turned his head away and said: \"I don't intend to go with them for training. Besides, just because he said he is a teacher doesn't mean he is a teacher.\"

    As soon as his voice fell, he turned and glanced at Feng Jiu, then continued speaking to his father: \"Father, Mother, I bet you don't even know this! Feng Jiu isn't a teacher employed by the academy at all.\"

    He raised his chin slightly and looked provkingly at Feng Jiu, feeling proud of himself for exposing Feng Jiu. He continued speaking: \"He was originally a student from the Six Star Academy and participated in the inter-academy competition. He advanced into Golden Core rank it the sacred land, so he was disqualified from the competition. The Headmaster then made an exception and asked him to become a teacher. However, I am sure the students in the Two Star Academy will be quite dissatisfied with his decision.\"

    All the students in the Two Star Academy were from prestigious families, especially the four of them. Even the teachers in the academy give them some leeway and daren't offend them. Although they haven't been attending classes at the academy, the teachers haven't said anything to them.

    This guy who was from the Six Star Academy who had suddenly been promoted to a teacher actually said that he was their teacher? What a joke! How on earth would they agree?

    Okay! Even if Duan Ye, Ning Lang and Song Ming agreed, he would definitely not agree to that. He was much smarter than the three of them and wouldn't waver so easily.

    Upon hearing this, Master Luo's face darkened as he stared at his son. He slammed his palm onto the table and a loud bang sounded. At the same time, he shouted: \"Master Feng has already told us about this matter. So what if he was a student from the Six Star Academy? Do you have his Golden Core strength? Are you smarter and more capable than him? Don't talk nonsense when you know nothing at all. Where's your manners?\"

    Luo Fei's mouth twitched, his face stunned. He hadn't expected his father to discipline him. Although he was shocked, it also made him angrier, and his anger surged up. He was about to say something when he saw his mother shake her head slightly. Hence, he held his tongue.

    \"Hehehe, Master Feng, my son is spoilt. I apologise for his rudeness, please don't take any offence.\" As he spoke, he stood up and smiled: \"Master Feng, everyone else, please come into the backyard for dinner. As we have been expecting you, my wife has ordered the servants to prepare a banquet to entertain you. We will have to trouble you in the future to look after our son.\"

    They stood up smiling and followed the couple further into the residence. Luo Fei did not want to comply, but as his father and mother were present, he didn't dare to cause any trouble. Hence, he followed them to the backyard.

    When they arrived at the backyard, he went to the wine cellar and brought back a jar of wine to the banquet. Everyone was already seated and chatting and drinks had already been served. Therefore, he put the jar of wine down at the side.

    During the banquet, everyone was chatting and laughing, drinks were continually being topped up. It was late into the night, Luo Fei carried the bottle of wine to pour wine into Feng Jiu's cup personally. He said: \"Teacher Feng, I apologise for offending you earlier. Please would you drink three cups of wine with me?\"

    Feng Jiu looked at him as he stood in front of her holding the bottle of wine. She smiled and said: \"It's only a small glass, that's not enough. Tell you what, shall we use bowls instead?\"

    \"Huh?\" Luo Fei hesitated for a moment and then laughed: \"Okay! You're straightforward! I like it!\" After that, he said to the maidl: \"Bring the wine bowls!\"
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