1049 Feng Jiu Is Really Nice To Me

    The three of them watched for a while and then left quietly.

    Luo Fei had schemed against Feng Jiu and they daren't help him out as they were afraid that they would bring trouble upon themselves.

    On their way back, Ning Lang looked up at the moonlit sky with emotion and said: \"I suddenly feel that Feng Jiu is actually really nice to me.\" After all, he was only threatened to be sold to the brothel, he was never actually sent there.

    Duan Ye agreed with him: \"Compared to you all, he's treated me the best because I followed him willingly. I wasn't as troublesome as you all.\" He found out that if you were obedient, then you wouldn't need to be dealt with. If you were too rebellious then the consequences would be unexpected.

    Moreover, things that others daren't do, Feng Jiu would readily do it and not care about your embarrassment. Others would care about their identity and status but Feng Jiu wouldn't. Along their journey together, they saw this very clearly.

    The three of them chatted as they walked, all the way until they arrived at the courtyard. They glanced at the firmly shut bedroom door and the little pet outside and their hearts skipped a beat.

    They were certain that Feng Jiu was asleep inside! Only he would be able to sleep so comfortably after pitting against others.

    The three of them smiled secretly inside as they headed back to their bedrooms, deciding to follow up in the morning when they woke up.

    However, to their surprise, after they had washed up and gotten dressed, they walked out of their bedrooms to see Feng Jiu sitting in the courtyard eating breakfast. He said to them: \"After breakfast, we shall bid goodbye to Master Luo.\"

    \"We are leaving? So soon?\"

    The three of them looked at him in surprise. In actual fact, they really wanted to ask: Luo Fei hasn't come back! And they're already leaving?

    \"Why? Have you gotten too comfortable and can't bear to leave?\" She glanced at them with a smile.

    \"Hehe, of course not.\" The three of them laughed and sat down to eat. Afterwards, they followed him to bid farewell to Master Luo and Madam Luo.

    \"You're leaving already? You only arrived yesterday and you're leaving today?\" Master Luo was a little stunned when he heard that they were leaving.

    Upon seeing this, Madam Luo said to them: \"It's not often that we have friends visiting, why don't you stay for a few more days? Fei'er hasn't even brought you around the city for a tour. We will feel bad if you just leave like that as we haven't been good hosts.\"

    \"Don't think that. It's just that we can't stay here for a long time.\" Feng Jiu said with a smile: \"We have already been away for quite a while. We have come to bid farewell to you today, and also to inform you that I will be taking Luo Fei with us.\"

    \"Fei'er will leave with you? Is he willing to go with you?\" Madam Luo asked in surprise.

    Duan Ye and the other two smiled but said nothing. Feng Jiu laughed lightly, she looked at the three of them and said: \"The three of them weren't willing at the beginning either.\"

    The meaning of that sentence was that even if you weren't willing to start off with, after time you will soon learn to be obedient.

    Master and Madam Luo stared at each other in shock, then smiled and said: \"Alright then, let him go with you! With you as his companion, we can rest assured.\"

    \"It's so late, how come this boy is still not awake?\" Master Luo asked when he realised how late it was and his son was nowhere to be seen. He called out: \"Caretaker, go and call Young Master.\"

    \"There's no need Master Luo. Luo Fei went out last night. I know where he is. On our way out of the city, we will pick him up.\" Feng Jiu laughed lightly as she stopped them, because she knew Luo Fei was not at home.
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