1051 I’ll Have Him

    Finally, Luo Fei was brought to the presence of a fat middle-aged man. He stuck his head out from the quilt and when he saw the middle-aged man, his eyes opened wide in shock.

    \"Huh? This lad looks very similar to the Luo family boy.\" The middle-aged man said with doubt and walked up to take a closer look.

    The old bustard chuckled when he heard that: \"How can that be? This lad is dumb and he can't speak. Otherwise he wouldn't have been sold to us here.\"

    \"Oh? He's dumb? Hahaha, okay then. Since he looks so much like the Luo family boy, I will buy him tonight. Get your men to send him to my residence later. Remember the usual rules.\" He said to the old bustard beside him.

    \"Rest assured Master Huang! We know what to do.\" The old bustard smiled and walked out with him after instructing his men to take him back to the room.

    Although Luo Fei struggled, he was wrapped in the quilt and carried away. He recognised that old bastard, he had taught him a lesson last month. He hadn't expected to see that old guy here.

    He started to panic when he thought about the place he was in and their conversation earlier. He had no strength and no help, and he couldn't even speak. He didn't know what he could do.

    He thought he could make use of this opportunity to teach Feng Jiu a lesson so that he would back off when he realised that he wasn't one to be trifled with. However, in the confusion, he was the one who found himself in this mess.

    When he had said that he wanted to teach Feng Jiu a lesson, Duan Ye and the rest had given him a strange look, he gritted his teeth. Those guys knew that Feng Jiu wasn't easy to deal with but hadn't warned him, they had no brotherhood code.

    He didn't see it that it was him who hadn't given Feng Jiu the respect he deserved. He had the preconceived idea that someone from a Six Star Academy wouldn't be able to control him, nor would he have much abilities, that's how he had landed himself into such a situation.

    In his panic, he was brought back to the room and forcibly bathed then dressed in a set of new clothes. The clothes were even more embarrassing than the scarlet ones. His eyes looked murderous and his face turned red.

    He was going to tear down this small rundown brothel!

    On the other side, Duan Ye and the rest realised that they hadn't seen Cloud Devouring Beast since early that morning, hence they asked: \"Feng Jiu, where is your little beast? Why isn't he by your side?\"

    \"I told him to keep an eye on Luo Fei.\" She walked at a leisurely pace, a cunning smile curved up at the corner of her lips: \"I wonder how that rascal is now? I'm really curious! But with his calibre, would anyone be interested in him?\"

    When they heard this, the three of them looked at each other, the corners of their lips upturned, this wicked interesting Feng Jiu.....

    The expression on his face was as if he wanted someone to take an interest in Luo Fei. They had a feeling that even if no one had taken an interest in him, they would fuel the fire from behind the scenes and make sure that someone did take an interest in him.


    Song Ming coughed lightly and said: \"Lou Fei grew up here, most of the influential people in the area would recognise him, his identity might already have been revealed.\"

    \"Will influential people go to the brothel?\" Feng Jiu asked, her voice sounded more casual as she continued speaking: \"Anyway, I've blocked his cultivation strength and also made him unable to speak.\"

    The three of them were speechless when they heard this. Phew! After hearing what Feng Jiu had said, the three of them felt really lucky that they weren't treated like this previously.
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