1054 You Have To Tell Me

    \"That's impossible! My father and mother would never agree!\"

    Although, he wasn't confident when he said those words. His father and mother deeply admired Feng Jiu. They were especially relieved when they found out that Feng Jiu was a teacher from the Two Star Academy. It could be very possible that it was as he said, he was taken away forcibly with the consent of his father and mother.

    \"Why is it impossible? Just take a look at the snacks and fruit that your mother has prepared for us.\" Ning Lang was eating a fruit and he asked: \"Would you like one?\"

    Luo Fei looked at him wide eyed and said: \"Do you think I am in the mood to eat anything now?\"

    The few of them glanced at him and thought about his ordeal last night. They couldn't help but grinned: \"Yes, you probably won't want to eat anything.\"

    \"I'm going to rest, don't disturb me.\" Feng Jiu said. She got up and was about to walk into the hold of the airship, to her bedroom when she was stopped by Luo Fei.

    She raised her eyebrows and looked at an angry Luo Fei in front of her. She asked: \"What do you want?\"

    \"I want to get off the airship! I want to go home!\"

    \"Have you forgotten that you promised to leave with me?\" As she looked at him, her eyes shined inexplicably.

    Luo Fei's eyes flashed and he replied eloquently: \"I only promised to leave that place with you, I never promised to get on the airship with you.\"

    Her lips curled: \"Didn't you know that it's easy to get on the airship but it's much harder to get off the airship? Now that you're on my airship, do you think that I will let you leave?\" After saying that, she continued walking forwards.

    Luo Fei was about to say something else when Ning Lang grabbed him by his shoulders and stopped him. He dragged him to one side and waited till Feng Jiu had entered his bedroom, then the few of them sat down around him.

    \"Don't bother thinking about it anymore. You're on his airship now. Unless he allows you to leave you won't be able to get off.\"

    \"That's right. And besides, I don't think there's anything wrong with his airship. Do you know how many people wish they can get on this airship but don't get the opportunity to?\" Song Ming said and gave him a look that said he should know better.

    \"If you keep resisting, in the end it is you who will suffer.\"

    Duan Ye said and glanced at him: \"He has a hundred ways to teach you a lesson and make you submit to him, do you believe it? Or would you rather suffer the taste of his punishment before you will believe?\"

    He listened to everything they said and he thought about it. Since he had met Feng Jiu, he hadn't seen anyone gain the upperhand on him. He gritted his teeth and couldn't help but asked: \"Then where are we going? You've got to at least tell me that.\"

    The three of them looked at each other and smiled: \"Hell Mountains.\"

    Luo Fei exclaimed: \"What, what? Hell Mountains? Oh God! No way! That place is just like hell. When you enter that place, you won't be able to leave. Is he sending us to die?\"

    \"Our one year's training will be taking place inside there. Feng Jiu will only train us for one year. Whether you're willing or unwilling, it will be one year. One year later, even if we want to continue to follow him, I don't think he will allow it.\"

    Song Ming said slowly. Deep down he knew that Feng Jiu would not take them with him one year later. After all, he was the Ghost Doctor and there were many people who wanted to follow him. If he hadn't caused trouble in the Two Star Academy and felt responsible for it, he probably wouldn't have agreed to take them to Hell Mountains.

    He was responsible for their safety there and he had to teach them. There was no incentive for him, just burden.
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