1055 Teachings

    After hearing this and looking at the expressions of the three of them, Luo Fei felt strange. Even if they have been persuaded by Feng Jiu, surely they wouldn't react this way? They mean to say that after a year they would be reluctant to leave him?

    Although he was puzzled, he didn't ask any more questions. Instead, he nudged Ning Lang and asked: \"Where are the snacks my mother prepared? Give me some to eat!\"

    Ning Lang smiled and said: \"I thought you didn't want any? I thought you couldn't eat anything?\"

    \"I haven't eaten anything since yesterday evening. If you give me a big meal right now I will be able to finish it all. Hurry up, stop dawdling.\" He said impatiently.

    Seeing this, Ning Lang brought out two boxes of snacks and some snacks for Luo Fei: \"Eat up! After all the food came from your house.\"

    The four of them sat with each other and chatted while they ate. They told each other how they were abducted by Feng Jiu and Luo Fei was secretly pleased: So it wasn't just him who had been treated like so, the three of them were also taught a lesson by Feng Jiu.

    His original grievance eased up as he talked and laughed with the three of them....

    In the evening of that same day, they alighted the airship. After Feng Jiu kept her airship, she didn't take them into the forest. She said to them: \"We will rest here tonight and discuss what will happen after we enter the forest. Go and prepare the firewood and hunt some game nearby to roast for our dinner.\"

    She continued with her instructions: \"The four of you will be split into two teams. From now on, you will practice the division of labour and cooperation with your teammate.\"

    \"Who will I team up with? Do I choose my teammate?\" Ning Lang asked.

    Feng Jiu looked at the four of them and assigned the teams: \"Duan Ye and Luo Fei will be on the same team. Song Ming will be in your team. I am your team captain. Duan Ye and Luo Fei will go and hunt game now. You two will pitch the tents and gather firewood and make a fire.\"

    \"Got it.\" They responded and set about their tasks.

    They had finished their tasks before the sky got dark. After they prepared the game, they put it on the fire rack to roast. They said around the firepit and chatted.

    \"Once we go inside, you will forget your identities. Don't mention your identities over the slightest matter. You need to understand that the people who enter there are very strong and ruthless. You must be careful. If you reveal too much, you will only become a target of assassination and looting. Do you understand?\"

    They nodded their heads at Feng Jiu's instructions and replied seriously: \"Understood.\" Their lives were at stake and while they were in a dangerous place such as Hell Mountains, they had to be cautious.

    She glanced at them and gave them more instructions: \"One more thing to remember, don't get lost, don't stray too far away from me. Otherwise, if you are in danger, even I won't be able to save you.\"

    \"Yes, we understand.\" The four of them responded again.

    \"This is the distress signal, just in case.\" She gave the four of them a distress smoke bomb each: \"Make sure you keep your belongings on you. Remember, don't reveal your wealth. Just put some essential items in your cosmos sack on your waist and make sure you hide your dagger in your boots.\"

    The four of them sat by the firepit and listened to everything Feng Jiu said. They remembered and acted accordingly because they knew that over the next year, their lives might be saved by remembering his teachings at this point in time.
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