1056 The Only Way

    As night fell, the smell of the barbequed meat spread. The few of them ate and talked when they suddenly heard a noise in the quiet night. They looked around their surroundings quickly in response.

    \"Haha, I didn't expect there to be anyone here. Are the few of you also going to Hell Mountains?\"

    The two strong men wore mercenary soldier uniforms, one of them was peak Foundation Core level and the other was Golden Core level. The person who spoke was the Golden Core cultivator.

    When they saw the few of them look at them warily, they smiled heartily and said: \"Don't worry, we are mercenaries from the mercenary soldiers' union. We came to Hell Mountains because we have been hired to protect our employer. We are also camping in the same area and we decided to check it out when we saw the fire.\"

    \"I see.\" Feng Jiu nodded her head but didn't say anything more.

    The two men had only just realised that the few people around the firepit were only young boys and their cultivation strength weren't that strong either. They couldn't help but ask in surprise: \"You are going into Hell Mountains? Why aren't you accompanied by other people?\"

    \"Aren't we people?\" Song Ming asked, dissatisfied.

    \"Oh, don't get me wrong. What I mean is that Hell Mountains is not an ordinary place and I can see that your cultivation level is at Foundation Core. You shouldn't enter Hell Mountains if you don't have a strong cultivator accompanying you. Otherwise, you might not be able to leave after you enter.\"

    \"Thank you for your kind intentions, we are used to it.\"

    When they heard this, the two mercenaries knew that they weren't welcome so they smiled and took their leave: \"Then we shan't disturb you. Goodbye.\" Saying that, they turned and left.

    Upon seeing them leave, Song Ming walked out a little distance and then turned around and said: \"They're gone. And there are indeed campers nearby. There are about thirty to forty, it's quite a big group.\"

    \"Well, Hell Mountains nickname is the Land Of Death, there is of course danger inside.\" Feng Jiu nodded and looked at them: \"Once we're inside, you must listen to my instructions. If you get into trouble, don't make any rash decisions and don't fight with other people unless you have no other choice.\"

    \"Yes, we understand.\" They nodded their heads in response.

    \"Duan Ye and Luo Fei will stand guard. You will change shifts in the middle of the night. When we're inside it's the same, someone must stand guard while we rest.\" She instructed again.

    After they finished eating, they split the remainder of the food between the five of them and went to rest. They then changed teams to stand guard in the middle of the night.

    The next morning at dawn, they woke up and got themselves ready before they entered the forest.

    The weeds in front of the forest were overgrown and were as high as half a person's height. They could barely see the path they were walking on. The ground was not hard but made of sand and stones. Because the water was abundant in the forest, the ground was relatively soft. Their feet sunk into the ground slightly with every step they took. The air was also slightly damp around them.

    After walking for a while, Song Ming who was up ahead said: \"The road up ahead looks like someone has been through it. The grass is bent and there are many footprints on the ground.\"

    \"This is the only way into Hell Mountains. It's not surprising that someone has been through here.\"

    Feng Jiu looked up as she spoke. The leaves above her head were so dense that she couldn't see the sky. The atmosphere inside was cool as the sunlight was unable to penetrate. The surroundings looked exactly alike, it was very easy to get lost in here.

    Her eyes landed on the cluttered branches and then looked at the tall weeds in the forest. She spoke suddenly.....
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