1057 Isolated Cliff

    "We will walk from above." Her eyes were fixed on the branches above them as she said: "By skimming across the branches, we will be able to shorten our journey time." As soon as her voice fell, her toes tapped lightly and she had risen up onto a branch and looked down at the people below her.

    Upon seeing this, the few of them also followed suit and tiptoed up onto the branches above them. Even the Cloud Devouring Beast also followed by their side and walked across the branches with them.

    Just like Feng Jiu had said, it was much faster flying across the branches as they didn't need to dodge out of the way of the long weeds and explore the path ahead. They were also able to use the elasticity of the branches to leap forwards. As they weren't a big group of people, there were only five of them, this method of travelling was very suitable for them.

    The figure in red led the way through the forest up ahead while the four people and one beast followed behind. They were much faster than the people who were travelling on foot.

    By noon, they had passed through the forest and arrived at the foot of Hell Mountains. However, upon their arrival, their hearts felt stagnant.

    "This looks like the right place, but why are there so many cultivators here? And how are we going to get through to this place?" Ning Lang looked at the cultivators, some were sitting down, some were standing up and some were leaning against the trees resting, he couldn't help but gulp.

    At almost the same time the five of them appeared, the cultivators looked in their direction, their eyes boring into them as they looked them up and down, as they seemed to be evaluating their cultivation strength. Their scalps numbed involuntarily as they felt like they were being stared at by a pack of hungry wolves.

    Those cultivators seemed to have decent cultivation strength levels. There were also some who possessed fiercely evil breath coming from their bodies, like that of men of desperation. There were also demonic cultivators, and there weren't just one or two of them either.

    There were a dozen people in a group at one side, and there were some groups that seemed to be made up of family members. In total, there were about fifty or sixty people, and the youngest were between twenty to thirty years old. The group leaders were of Golden Core cultivators and the people in the group of Foundation cultivators and above.

    When these people looked like this, it seemed very strange that the five teenagers appeared in this place. It was no wonder that as soon as they had arrived here, all eyes were fixed on the five people and one beast.

    It could be said that the five teenagers with Foundation stage cultivation strength had come to this place to die.

    Other than Ning Lang's hair on his skin standing up under the watchful eyes of all those people, the others' expressions remained unchanged. After they glanced back briefly at those people, their gaze landed on the vacant space one hundred metres in front of them.

    The edge of the forest on this side was isolated from the edge of the cliff of the mountain on the other side. The distance between the two cliff edges was about one hundred metres apart. There was nothing on either side of the cliffs that could be used to cross over. Moreover, there was a no-fly enchantment set up so none of the cultivators, that's why the cultivators were unable to fly across or travel on their flying swords.

    Below the one hundred metres space was a bottomless abyss and there was a faint mist spreading underneath so one was unable to see clearly. However, even just looking down from the great height was enough to frighten anyone.
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