1058 Power Struggle In Front Of The Cliff

    There was no iron bridge to use to cross over or anything else that they could borrow the force with. Because the distance wasn't short, one was unable to jump across by themself. The use of any airships or flying swords was also impossible.

    Moreover, there seemed to be some form of current looming in the abyss and the sound of the current roared as it rushed up from below, echoing in the air. It was like the call of death, as if anyone who dared cross would be swallowed by the whizzing current from below.

    "Let's go over and take a look!"

    Feng Jiu said and leapt lightly from the branches landing steadily on the ground. In front of everyone's eyes, the teenager's red clothes flew up as he walked leisurely and came to the edge of the cliff.

    Duan Ye and the rest followed behind Feng Jiu, even the little ball of white fur Cloud Devouring Beast also followed Feng Jiu with its little short legs. It lifted its head proudly and wagged its tail, ignoring everyone's gaze as it walked along.

    "How will we get across?" Duan Ye asked. He frowned as he looked at Feng Jiu: "This is the way, right?"

    "Yes, that's right." She nodded in response as she looked over the cliff in front of her. She said: "However, this is an obstruction. In addition to preventing the beast from the opposite side of the cliff from coming over, it is also a test for the cultivators on this side of the cliff."

    She paused, her lips curved upwards slightly: "If you can't even get past here, what right do you have to enter Hell Mountains?"

    "But how will we get across? Not to mention that there's no bridge, there isn't even a rope and you can't even fly across on a flying sword or an aircraft. We can't fly by ourselves." Luo Fei said as he glanced at the people around them. It seemed like those people were also thinking of ways to get across.

    Although Hell Mountains was dangerous, it didn't mean that no one was able to get across. So why were there so many people on this side?

    "What do you think you're looking at lad?"

    A fierce-looking cultivator saw Luo Fei looking around and shouted fiercely, the strength behind his Foundation Stage powers surged.

    "I'm just looking around, was I looking at you?" Luo Fei replied, not showing any fear of the other cultivator's fierce threatening eyes and tone. Although he had promised Feng Jiu he wouldn't cause any trouble, however, he hadn't done anything and he wasn't going to be bullied for no reason.

    There were so many people here, and he didn't shout at anyone but him. It was obvious that he was trying to prove to other people that he was more superior.

    That cultivator really did have this thought in mind. Everyone had been on this side of the cliff for days and no one had figured out a way to get across but daren't leave at this point. The other groups of people seemed quite strong and not easy to deal with, hence these teams of casual cultivators had decided to pick on someone they thought was an easy target so that they didn't become targets themselves.

    That's why they chose to pick on these young boys who had just arrived. These boys were young and only Foundation Stage cultivators, they probably didn't have much worldly experience either. As long as they shouted at them fiercely and showed their brutal bloodthirsty side, other people wouldn't dare to touch them would they?

    Therefore, if Luo Fei hadn't talked back to the cultivator, it would have been fine. However, because he talked back, the cultivator stood up.
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