1060 No Help

    There was surprise in everyone's eyes when they saw that the Foundation peak-stage cultivator was not a match against the Foundation mid-stage youth. They looked at the young boy thoughtfully, what they were thinking of was unknown.


    The strong man let out a loud scream and pulled out a large sword from his waist. He charged towards Luo Fei with the intention to kill him, the menacing force that surged from him chilled one's heart.

    The young boy also drew a sword from his waist and fought against the strong man. The swords collided and made crips clanging sounds. The aggressive power behind the swords as they collided formed a stream of airflow that whistled between the two of them. The smell of fresh blood permeated through the air. A loud clash threw the two of them apart from the two streams of airflow.

    The two figures lost their balance and staggered on the ground. They retreated a few metres back before they managed to stabilize their feet. It was difficult to determine the winner. Though Luo Fei had the upper hand in speed and skill, he still failed to kill his opponent in one blow, therefore it didn't count as a win.

    However, his ability to fight against a Foundation peak-stage cultivator had shocked some people. Of course, the Golden Core cultivators were an exception.

    Upon seeing that Luo Fei was going to carry on fighting, Feng Jiu said: "Enough, don't waste your energy. You're better off thinking of how you can get across!"

    After hearing this, Luo Fei stared at the strong man and kept his sword then walked over to Feng Jiu. However, at this moment, when the strong man saw Luo Fei keep his sword and walked towards the other young boy, his heart filled with anger. He gritted his teeth and charged towards Luo Fei with the large sword in his hand.

    Upon seeing this, some of the cultivators from influential families frowned, some of them disapproved and found it despicable. However, they only frowned and didn't give any warning or help.

    It wasn't wise to help a few young boys with unknown backgrounds and offend those fierce and vicious cultivators.

    As for those demonic cultivators and casual cultivators, they would definitely not offer any help or warning. They couldn't care less about the life and death of others. On the contrary, they would be pleased to see fresh blood spilled in front of them.

    Luo Fei who was walking back to Feng Jiu never imagined that the strong man would be so shameless. When he looked back vigilantly, he saw that the figure had already closed in within three steps from him. The big sword encompassed a fierce and murderous pressure, it slashed out towards him with aggression and strength. Even if he had wanted to avoid the sword, there was not enough time for him to react under such circumstances, so he watched as the big sword approached him.

    Duan Ye and the rest were three metres away from him. When they saw this, they took a deep breath in anger and shock. Even if they were to help him, there was no way they would be able to save him from the speed of the sword at that distance away from him.

    Therefore, their hearts tightened as they exclaimed: "Be careful!" Hoping that he would be able to avoid the sword himself.

    Just as their shouts faded, when everyone looked on at the moment when the big sword was just about to chop Luo Fei's head off causing blood to splash everywhere, a red figure flew out as quick as lightning.

    The speed was so fast that everyone only saw a red figure flash across. At the next moment, there was a cry of exclamation as the burly figure who was holding the big sword was kicked by the figure in red and flew backwards......
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