1061 An astonishing fea


    The big man screamed in fear and horror as he was kicked toward the cliff by a powerful dark force. He tried to stop his body from falling, but he couldn't control his strength. He could only look on helplessly as he fell down the cliff.

    "Aargh...help me...help me...."

    His miserable cry accompanied by a plea for mercy echoed from the heights down to the abyss until it completely died away.

    This unexpected scene stunned everyone. At the same time, all the people around stood up and stared with shock at the handsome youth in red who flicked his robe.

    They couldn't believe that this youth rescued his companion breezily then made a quick move at such a critical moment.

    Even if they witnessed it with their own eyes, they still felt that this scene was somewhat inconceivable. This youth had kicked a Foundation Building peak stage cultivator off the cliff to plunge into the abyss...

    Luo Fei was stupefied. After a long pause, he came to his senses and was shocked to see Feng Jiu standing beside him while tidying her robe.

    He was the person directly involved and stood at a close distance. So to speak, no one here would understand his shock and perplexity. At such a short distance, even he couldn't save himself from danger. But, Feng Jiu was able to react quickly and rescued him with such ease.

    At this moment, his mood fluctuated as if being rocked by turbulent waves and his mind turned blank. It took him a long time to calm down. Looking at the dazzlingly arrayed in red Feng Jiu, he told her with a dazed expression. "That, thanks a lot for saving me."

    Feng Jiu glanced up at him and motioned him to go to where Duan Ye and others were. "Go to the back."

    At this time, the burly man's companions finally returned to their senses and stared at Feng Jiu with killing intent in their eyes. "Very good, boy!"

    Feng Jiu glanced at those dozen people. There were several Foundation Building cultivators as well as Golden Core cultivators at the peak level. Each of them reeked of blood. Obviously, their hands were stained with a lot of blood.

    "Why? Only you guys are allowed to kill while prohibiting us to fight back?"

    Her voice was cold, sounding both languid and chilly. It made those who heard her feel her indifference as if she didn't care too much about this matter. However, people who were familiar with her would know that she had already been filled with killing intent.

    However, these people were not acquainted with her and weren't aware of the danger they were in. Therefore, seeing their friend getting kicked off the cliff to his death by the youth in red, they wouldn't leave it at this.

    A group of a dozen or so ferocious men came surrounding them. One after another revealed the swords at their waists. With bloodthirst all over their bodies, a savage killing intent started to pervade the surroundings. They went to attack Feng Jiu.

    The rest of the crowd stepped aside when they saw this. Some members of influential families in their midst looked at those youths with regret. It's a pity if those outstanding youngsters were harmed here.

    Since the young man in red kicked the cultivator off the cliff, those men were not going to let the matter drop. These youths were doomed here today.
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