1062 Where did he see them as weak?

    As the killing intent in the air became thicker, the bystanders surrounding them withdrew. Duan Ye and others came forward from their position at the back, ready to fight alongside Feng Jiu.

    Although they knew that they were not the strongest here, they were not afraid to fight, especially against those who bullied them. If they wanted to fight, then fight!

    In a world that revered strength, it went without saying that strength was everything. Only by obtaining victory or intimidating these people with their valiant combat power that these people wouldn't dare to make murderous moves against them at will.


    Duan Ye's, Ning Lang's, as well as Song Ming's gazes roamed over those few men, measuring their strengths while plotting against them.

    In the past, if they encountered these many fiendish cultivators with several Golden Core cultivators in their midst, they might get really worried and afraid.

    However, after teaming up with Feng Jiu to destroy the Silk Tree Sect and saw her decimating the Nascent Soul old monsters, they were no longer afraid of the Golden Core cultivators.

    Because they knew very well, with Feng Jiu's and their combat powers combined, it's not easy for their enemies to kill them. On the contrary, the odds were stacked in their favours to destroy all their opponents here!

    Among them, only Luo Fei had no knowledge about Feng Jiu's battle against the Nascent Souls. He also didn't know about Feng Jiu's identity as Ghost Doctor. Now, when he saw the Golden Core cultivators, as well as the Foundation Building ones, came approaching them, he couldn't help frowning with a grave look in his eyes. His mind was racing, thinking of a way to deal with this situation.

    However, just when they were on the verge of hostility, a surprised voice was heard, breaking the severe atmosphere while attracting the crowd's attention at the same time.

    "Huh? What's happening? Why are so many big men bullying little kids?"

    The surprised voice came with an unmistakable trace of ridicule. That deep voice was clear and candid, drawing Feng Jiu and her party's attention. They were surprised to see him.

    It was the two mercenary pathfinders that they met while camping out in the woods.

    "Hahaha, little kids, we're meeting again. We're truly brought together by fate!"

    That Golden Core peak-stage cultivator raised his hand in greeting at Feng Jiu and the others. Seeing them besieged by the ferocious burly men, the mercenary grinned.

    "It seems that you are in trouble! But again, in places like this, there are some people who specialized in bullying the young and the weak. Obviously, they belong to those two categories. You say, if these people are not bullying them, who do they bully? "

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu and her party twitched their lips, a few black lines crossed their foreheads in irritation.

    What did he mean by little kids? Where did they look like children? They were all adults! However, compared with those older guys, they were indeed young and tender.

    But, they were considered to be both young and weak? What kind of sight did the man have? Where did he see them weak?

    The dozen ferocious strong men watched the two mercenaries who suddenly appeared there talking to those youths. Their faces sank. The Golden Core peak-stage cultivators who headed the group stared at the two mercenaries and sneered at them grimly.

    "Why? The two of you want to extricate these kids from trouble?"
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