1063 You guys are lucky

    Hearing this and after seeing their contemptuous and gloomy gazes, that Golden Core cultivator laughed out loudly. "What do you mean by extricating these kids from trouble? We just can't stand idle seeing you big people bullying some kids. But, from your words, I got the impression that you wanted to cross swords with us?"

    "Then, I have to warn you. You can tell from our clothes that we're mercenaries. There are not merely the two of us, so you have to think well. Do you want to cross swords with us? If we fight, haha, we won't withdraw our swords before seeing blood."

    Listening to this naked threat, those dozen or so men's faces turned gloomy. They stared at the two men and saw the confident look on their faces. There was not even a sliver of fear which made them could not help start to ponder.

    A mercenary team was generally composed of a dozen or so members. These two who were sent as pathfinders were not the strongest in the mercenary team. If so, then...

    After turning it over in their minds, that Golden Core peak-stage cultivator who led the fierce men cast a vicious glance at Feng Jiu and her friends. "Kids, consider yourselves lucky! But you'd better pray that these mercenaries will keep protecting you. Otherwise, as long as we get the chance, we will surely let you die without a burial site! "

    Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and looked askance at that man. She didn't feel like bickering with him.

    She turned toward the two mercenaries. Although she thought they could deal with these people themselves, since they all appeared to help them, she had to thank them. After all, out of so many people around them, only these two mercenaries who had met them once stepped out bravely.

    "Thank you very much." She saluted them and thanked them from afar.

    "There's no need for that. It's only a trivial matter." The Golden Core cultivator only waved. The Foundation Building cultivator at his side also grinned.

    "But, how did you get ahead of us? By the way, are you really going to the Hell Mountains? That place is not a place for you kids to play. Listen to me and go home!" The Golden Core mercenary counselled them, thinking that they were kids who were sneaking out from home.

    He guessed that several of them got together and sneaked in here stealthily. However, Hell Mountains was not a place where kids like them could come. If they went in like this, they would die.

    Looking at the present situation, even before reaching the other side, they had been targeted by others and in danger of getting killed. If they went further inside, what would happen?

    Some clan members around them pretended not to hear that mercenary's advice. They sat cross-legged with their eyes closed to regulate their vital energy. They didn't help each other before and didn't give a warning. They watched on like spectators without feeling that they had done something wrong or that they were too cold and callous.

    This was the way of the world. Who would help without rhyme or reason, as they were not family members? Or even getting into trouble as its consequence? There might be some who were keen on justice, but it's definitely not them.

    Feng Jiu's party recognized his kindness, therefore, they just smiled. "We are not coming here to play."

    "So, are you really going in?" The Golden Core mercenary looked at them with surprise. He thought earlier that they had all arrived here and would have gone back after taking a look. Unexpectedly, they were still going ahead?

    However, could they cross over?
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