1066 Opposite

    Those around them shook their heads. Kids were kids - they were young and did the most random things. They actually did such a thing in a place like this.

    Therefore, they paid no more attention to Feng Jiu and her friends but looked at the mercenaries over there to see how they would cross over.

    No one noticed that Feng Jiu lit the leaves of the leaves and fiddled with the stones. But while people weren't paying attention, an array started spreading out. Several people who had appeared in people's sight earlier were vanishing gradually without a trace as the array dispersed and the thick smoke filled the air.

    However, those people assembled here hadn't noticed. They were looking at the mercenary team.

    At this time, the youngsters inside the array took out the prepared rope. Both ends of the rope were attached with sharp nails. Song Ming took out his magic weapon's bow and arrow, shot one end of the rope and nailed it at the opposite cliff.

    They saw the rope flew out and was firmly nailed on the opposite side. They pulled the rope securely and then nailed the other side of the rope to the ground under their feet after confirming its safety.

    "Who's going to cross first?" Song Ming asked the others.

    "I'll come first."

    Duan Ye arrived in front of the rope and told them. "If you are crossing on the rope, you still have to avoid the airflow coming from below. So to speak, when the airflow goes down, we have to cross quickly without stopping. I'll go first and meet you there."

    The others nodded. "Be careful."

    "I know." Duan Ye agreed. He looked serious despite his babyface. After seeing the surging airflow descend, he steadied the breath in his body and reached his hands out to the sides to balance his body, then quickly swept past the rope.

    A distance of a hundred meters away, with the help of the rope, didn't look very far. In a short time, they saw him reaching the opposite side safely.

    With one person on the opposite side giving support, they felt more relieved. So, Ning Lang was the second person to go. Although Ning Lang was a plump and adorable Little Fatty, he was not afraid to step on the rope. He never stopped for a moment and arrived there safely.

    They didn't make a sound. When they reached the opposite side, they just waved to the rest of the team. Thanks to the fog, they were able to avoid people's sight as well as stay safe.

    The third one crossing was Luo Fei, then Song Ming. After several people had arrived at the opposite side safely, Feng Jiu finally smiled. But just then, voices were heard from outside.

    "Huh? Where are those kids?"

    "Why is there so much dense smoke here?"

    The sound seemed approaching the place she was at. Feng Jiu's eyes moved and her lips curved up. She flicked her finger to add something to those little fires. When the airstream rising from the abyss descended, she put Cloud Devouring Beast into space, extended both hands to lift her vital energy and her figure swept on the rope. Behind her, people's voices were faintly heard.

    "Whoa! This is an array! Those boys are setting up a formation under our noses? What did they want to do?"

    "Damn it! What about them? What are they doing hiding in the array? "

    "Ah! Wait a minute! Look at the opposite side, aren't that those boys?"

    A cultivator pointed to the place opposite a hundred meters away from them. That figure in red was dazzling even in the midst of the smoke...
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