1067 The strange woods outside Hell Mountains

    "They actually passed through!"

    "How did they get there?"

    "Oh, yes, those kids! How could they cross without saying a word! What method did they use?"

    One by one, those people around them came over. Some of them tried to break the array, while some others guessed about Feng Jiu's method to cross the abyss.

    Above them, those mercenaries also spotted several figures a hundred metres away on the opposite side. Since the figure in red was too dazzling, they could see at a glance that those were the youths who had crossed earlier. The mercenaries were surprised, not expecting this to happen.

    That Golden Core cultivator from the mercenary team grinned and shook his head when he saw tat they had already crossed the abyss. "These boys came here recklessly. But, I was unable to tell that they have the skills."

    "There are traces of spikes here. Did they use the rope to cross?"

    Over there, those who had broken the array were staring at that mentioned spot. Noticing that they might have gotten there by using the rope, they were eager to give it a try as well.

    "But there's a distance of a hundred metres. How did they shoot the other end of the rope to the opposite side? None of us has arrows! Moreover, even if there is one among us, we have no ability to shoot a hundred meters away! "

    Apart from magic weapons, it's hard for ordinary arrows to shoot that distance.

    "Hmm...strange. Why do I feel my whole body is somewhat powerless?"

    "Me too..."

    For a while, before they could figure out what to do, they had already slumped to a sitting position due to the thick smoke. After checking, some doctors accompanying the influential clans told them that this was caused by inhaling the smoke.

    People thought that the discomfort was caused by the smoke and had no idea that it was brought about by the pill that Feng Jiu threw in the small fire.

    Meanwhile, Feng Jiu and others had reached the boundary of Hell Mountains. She glanced back at those people over there, smiled, and turned to go into the dense forest...

    The place where they were at wasn't at the periphery of Hell Mountains, so the risk was low. The weeds here were a half-waist taller than those at the place across from here. There was no alternative paths inside this jungle and they make traverse through this terrain.

    "Be careful." Feng Jiu cautioned them while paying attention to the movements in the vicinity. She walked in the middle, with Duan Ye and Luo Fei in front, Ning Lang and Song Ming in the back, and Cloud Devouring Beast at her side.

    Because the weeds were growing so rampant, tree branches were blocking their way and they had to watch their surroundings for possible danger. Hence, they walked slowly and did not emerge from the jungle until three hours later.

    The sky was getting dark. Even though the sun had not yet set, the night at Hell Mountains was much longer than the day because of the coverings of the mountain peak and the density of the jungle.

    "We have traversed the jungle before us. Look, Hell Mountains' periphery is already in front of us."

    Feng Jiu looked at the jungle at their front. That part of the woods looked different from this one here. The grass on the ground was almost flat, just like a lawn. What's even weirder, there were many trees in the jungle, but these trees were leafless. Each tree was like a towering tree with their branches spread out like ghost claws, forming a gigantic web of branches in the air.
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