1068 The forest’s fiends

    "Why does it look like a haunted forest here?" Ning Lang, looking totally frightened, leaned towards Duan Ye. He felt the woods were strangely disturbing.

    "Mm, I feel the same way." Luo Fei nodded with some fear in his heart.

    The trees in this area only had branches and no leaves. These branches stretched all around like ghost claws. In addition to the intertwining branches at the top forming a huge net in the air, there were also some claws at the lower part.

    On these branches, dense vines drooped down wispily in the air, looking bizarre, it was as if it had thick hairs growing on them.

    Feng Jiu glanced at the woods in front and told them, "All the information I have is up to this point. We have no idea about things inside. So, I have to tell you again to be very careful."

    "Mm." They nodded. "It's getting late. Are we going in there tomorrow or now?"

    She took a look at them. "Everyone is tired today, so let's take a rest here first. We'll be heading in tomorrow morning, but don't light a fire here to avoid attracting people's attention."

    "We know. " They found a place to sit down, taking a rest and regulating their vital energy.

    "Don't walk around here. I'll go ahead and explore." Feng Jiu instructed them. She also gave an order to Cloud Devouring Beast, "Stay here to keep watch."

    "Roar." Cloud Devouring Beast growled out an answer.

    "Let me go with you!" Duan Ye went to Feng Jiu's side. "They can rest here. I'll go with you."

    Seeing the seriousness on the babyfaced Duan Ye, Feng Jiu smiled. "All right, let's go!"

    "Be careful." The other three urged them.

    "I know."

    The two waved and walked to the forest. However, when they just entered the forest, they realized something was wrong. The branches seemed to be able to stretch out and made rustling sounds at that very moment. A human face emerged from the tree complete with eyes, nose and mouth. The ghost claws formed by the branches around them stretched out and surrounded them.

    Ning Lang, Luo Fei and Song Ming were startled by what they saw. They stood up quickly and ran over. Before they got close, Feng Jiu yelled at them. "Don't come here!"

    With the sound, a sharp stream of air whizzed through and the branches that surrounded them were cut off with a snap and scattered to the ground. Small trickles of green liquids sprayed out from the branch. As they splashed on the ground, the green liquid made a sizzling sound and a hole was formed in the ground. The face that came out from the tree howled with pain. It immediately shrank back and disappeared into the tree, as if what they had seen before was an illusion.

    Feng Jiu and Duan Ye were astonished. They quickly retreated from the scene and returned to Ning Lang's side.

    "The trees inside this woods are turning into fiends!"

    Feng Jiu remarked with some amazement. Her eyes were filled with incredulity. This was the first time she saw trees turned into fiends. Although she knew that the grass and trees here had spirits, there was a distinction between seeing it personally and imagining it.

    She could only describe it as inconceivable. Even when she backed away to where those several people were, she was still in an extreme shock. If these strange trees that could turn into fiends obstructed their path, how would they get past?
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