1070 I was scared to death

    As soon as the others heard it, their expressions changed. They pulled out their long swords quickly and hacked at the pitch black, vast expanse of vampire bats that came attacking them. The fierce sword intent roared out, scattering the vampire bats. They only heard the vampire bats' wings flapping. Those bats looked more terrible after they dispersed, making them very scared.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh, whoosh!"

    "Ah! Damn it, they're too many!"


    The flames bombarded the bats and burned dozens of them to a crisp. The burnt wings of those vampire bats fell from the air like mice, making Feng Jiu's hair stand on end.

    It was too disgusting.

    They looked around and saw the vampire bats attacking them were not fully eradicated and still innumerable, Duan Ye shouted, "There are so many of them. This is endless!"

    "Then, what can we do? It's midnight. Should we retreat? Or go to the strange woods ahead?" Song Ming spoke, his heart was filled with anxiety. This was for real. If careless, they would lose their lives here.

    Feng Jiu gritted her teeth. "Into the woods! Get those vampire bats trapped in the tree spirits, then set them on fire!" Immediately, she took them to the strange woods ahead. The vampire bats rushed behind and chased them.

    "Keep up, don't get separated!" Feng Jiu told those people behind her while setting fire along the way. As the tree spirits touched the flames, they folded their branches and got out of the way.

    "Flame Lion! Come out! " Duan Ye roared and light sparked. His Flame Lion leapt out of his spirit beast space and quickly joined the battle.

    Facing the chaotic vampire bats and the ghost claws-like dancing branches' attacks, they didn't dare to relax. Their whole body was stretched taut with their swords in their hands slashing away. Only the roar of sword intent was heard at this pitch dark forest. The swords left slashing marks on the ground, while streams of air rushed in all directions in the air...

    The vampire bats fell to the ground all around them and the stench of blood filled the air.

    Many of the spirit trees' clawing branches were cut off and they no longer dared to extend them towards Feng Jiu and others. On the contrary, the claws-like branches reached out and grabbed the vampire bats. Then, the human faces came out from the trees, opened their mouths, and swallowed the vampire bats.

    As the vampire bats declined in numbers, the final remaining ones circled above their heads while avoiding the clawing branches. Eventually, they fled, flapping their wings away.

    "Phew! I'm exhausted!"

    Ning Lang was sweating all over and leaned over a tree without thinking. In return, a human face appeared on the tree trunk. Its branches, like claws, pressed against Ning Lang and shoved him into its mouth.

    "Hiss, ah!"

    Ning Lang was startled and cried out in alarm. "Help, help me!'

    Some of them were gasping to ease their breath and didn't notice him. But they all jumped up at his exclamation and quickly looked at him with astonishment.


    Duan Ye's Flame Lion spewed out a blazing flame, burning at the human face's mouth. The tree spirit screamed and the whole tree burnt up quickly. Ning Lang ran back.

    "Phew! I was scared to death, scared to death." He patted his chest violently. His face carried a lingering fear.
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