1072 Are you not afraid?

    After they sat down, Feng Jiu looked at them and asked, "Are you guys hurt?"

    "No, only our clothes were torn, we have no superficial wounds." Duan Ye and others replied. Shortly after this reply, they saw Ning Lang took off his torn outer garment and grabbed two pieces of clothing from his space.

    The others noticed that in addition to the clothes, he seemed to be wearing a golden vest. So, Luo Fei asked him, "Ning Lang, what is your glittering golden vest for?"

    When Ning Lang, who was still changing clothes, heard this question, he pulled his collar open and pointed to his innermost garment. "Do you mean this one? This is a birthday gift from my mother last year. It was custom made for cultivating. It's a precious garment which I have been wearing ever since I received it. Since the garment is impervious to swords or spears, it can save my life."

    Speaking of this, he smiled. "But, I haven't met any danger before and I don't know if it's really impenetrable. After all, it's a good thing to wear, as a guard against the unexpected."

    Hearing this, several of them couldn't help smiling. Duan Ye looked at the boots on Ning Lang's feet as well as the garment he's wearing inside. He could only comment, "Your treasures are plentiful! Each of them is truly life-saving indeed."

    "Of course. My family has nothing but lots of money. Since we have enough money, what can't I ask for?"

    He proudly raised his chin proudly, acting as if he's a local tyrant who had nobody to fear. The others laughed at this scene. The whole atmosphere eased off and became less gloomy. Instead, it became more relaxed and cheerful.

    "Alright, you must rest quickly. Duan Ye, the two of us will keep guard." Luo Fei spoke while motioning to them to rest and gather their strength.

    Then, the two of them kept vigil while the rest of them were getting some rest. At midnight, Feng Jiu woke up. "Go to sleep! I'll keep watch here. "

    "Yes." They took turns at keeping vigil that night.

    The night wind at this place was cold and gloomy. The wind carried the smell of earth and grass and in the midst of it all, they heard eerie howling sounds made by those tree spirits. Therefore, it was hard to sleep in such an environment. However, some of them were still able to sleep soundly with a loud snore.

    Song Ming woke up and sat with Feng Jiu. He looked at Ning Lang, who was sleeping like a pig. With a smile, he remarked, "He is the only one who can sleep like a log here. This guy is really content and easy-going."

    Feng Jiu chuckled. "He's tired during this journey. I don't think he's ever tried to go this far away at home. He's gone through so many things in one day."

    Song Ming looked at the red robed Feng Jiu with some curiosity. "Actually, I don't understand. Why do you want to bring us to the Hell Mountains? You haven't been here before, have you? There are unknown dangers. Are you not afraid if something happens?"

    Even if she had the Golden Core strength, even if she was the Ghost Doctor, that level of cultivation was really not enough in the Hell Mountains. How could she not be afraid that they would die here, getting inside this place and could never get out?

    Obviously, she was about the same age as them. However, her cool-headedness and mental state were far above them.
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