1074 We havent seen any other people

    In the middle of the branches in front, caught by the vine and its clawing branches, seemed to be a... person?

    "It looks like a woman?" Song Ming observed.

    "Impossible! How could there be a woman in this place? I'd believe only some female demons exist here." Luo Fei remarked, thinking that it couldn't be a woman.

    "Whether it's a man or a woman, that must be human." Duan Ye instinctively looked at Feng Jiu. "What to do? Would you like to take a look?" He's thinking inwardly that there should have been some trouble ahead with a person hanging down at this kind of place.

    "Help me...help me..."

    At this moment, the person over there seemed to wake up. From the weak cry for help, it really sounded like a woman.

    "I said it was a woman." Song Ming strode to the other side. "It's one thing not running into it. However, once we meet one, we have to take a look. What about saving her?"

    Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows. She was silent, with a ghost of a smile on her face.

    "Song Ming, are you not afraid of being tricked?"

    Ning Lang cried out. He was cautious, worried about getting tricked. Besides them, there was no one else in this place. However, a woman was hanging here, and her essence and blood weren't drained by those tree spirits last night. He didn't think it's normal.

    Hearing the words behind him, Song Ming paused his steps. He looked back at them. Seeing them stood still, even Feng Jiu also smiled wordlessly, he could only scratch his head and look at Feng Jiu. "There shouldn't be any tricks, right?"

    "It doesn't matter. Save her if you want." Feng Jiu raised her chin, indicating that since he wanted to save, he shouldn't have any scruples. Anyway, if there's any trick, it would be a lesson for him to learn.

    When those other people nearby heard this, they were slightly shocked. "We'd really help? Is that okay?"

    "It's the same, regardless if there's trouble or not. Anyway, aren't we here to gain experience? All kinds of unexpected things can happen and they can't be prevented, so sometimes you have to follow your heart. Of course, the premise is that you have the ability to cope with all kinds of changes."

    Their eyes moved at her remarks. It meant that if they wanted to do something, she wouldn't stop it, but they would have to bear the consequences and risks themselves.

    Song Ming looked at the woman calling for help in front of him with some hesitation. He stepped forward and took out his sword to cut off the vines and the clawing branches. When the woman fell down from the air, he caught her in his arms.

    "Are you alright, Miss?"

    He asked the pale-looking woman. The person seemed to be in her twenties, wan and dishevelled, without any serious problems except for being weak.

    "Miss, why are you hanging here alone? Where are your companions?" Luo Fei asked with a smile.

    "I am a cultivator, coming here to gain experience with my clan. Last night, I went to the toilet. Afterwards, I accidentally lost my way and my torch died out. I was caught on my own by the tree spirit." The woman told them weakly. After a sigh, she went on. "The tree spirit scratched me and caused a wound from where it sucked my essence and blood. I was so weak that I couldn't even save myself."

    She faced several of them and thanked them gratefully. "Thank you so much. Thank you for rescuing me."

    Hearing this, their eyes moved. Luo Fei told her, "We haven't run into any other people in this area."
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