1075 Not making a move

    "There's nobody else? Are they gone?"

    The woman mumbled in surprise. Her face was filled with grief at this thought. "Perhaps they gave up on me. After all, in a place like this, how would they return to search for me after a night's absence?"

    "We've saved you, that's it! Goodbye." Song Ming took her to the side, near the tree, and cupped his fists in a salute.

    "You're leaving me here?" The woman seemed to be taken aback by his words. She bit her lips and asked, "Can you take me partway? If you leave me here, I may die at any time. "

    "But all I was going to do was get you out of that tree. I didn't intend to take you with us. It's different from my original purpose." Song Ming waved his hand. "Besides, we're men and can't take a woman like you along. Rescuing you is a great feat already, so don't make it difficult for us any more."

    With that, Song Ming looked at Feng Jiu and others. "Let's go!"

    Several of them lifted their eyebrows. They were somewhat surprised but did not say anything. When he said go, then they'd go!

    The woman behind them saw them turning around and left. She was astonished. It was beyond her expectation that these youngsters would only save her halfway and throw her aside at this place.

    "How was it? Didn't I say you're old? This method isn't going to work anymore."

    Just when Feng Jiu and her friends walked some distance away, they heard a woman's mockery from behind. They halted their steps and looked back with surprise. There were twenty or so cultivators leapt up behind them. Two or three of them were women.

    "That was indeed a game!" Song Ming touched his head, smiling sheepishly at Feng Jiu and others. "But, I also found something was fishy earlier, so I didn't want to take her with me."

    After a loss, naturally, he was more vigilant. In addition, he was in the Hell Mountains, so he could not tolerate any careless moves. Unexpectedly, when this woman saw that he was not fooled, people rushed out from hiding like this.

    Those twenty or so cultivators, whose strengths were between the Foundation Building mid-stage and peak-stage cultivators. Among them, there were only two Golden Core cultivators. Their team was laid back, without rigid rules. They should have been loose cultivators.

    Feng Jiu glanced at those people, and then told them, "Well, these people will act as your sparring partners. If you run into those who planned against you, I don't mind if you rob their wealth and treasures in return."

    The most excited to hear this was Ning Lang. The pair of eyes on his chubby face brightened with excitement. "Really? Can we rob others here?"

    Song Ming and Duan Ye, as well as Lue Fei, were speechless. Was it that easy to rob others in a place like this? Didn't he see their opponents were at Foundation Building mid and peak-stage, with two Golden Cultivators in their midst?

    When Feng Jiu said those words, she thought of giving them the chance to gain some experience and then issuing them a challenge. If they couldn't handle this challenge well, they might lose their life. That's why she told them that she didn't mind them robbing their opponents' wealth and treasures.

    Her intent was luring them with benefits. Making them aware that losing means death and winning means obtaining stuff, and that they should not strive in vain.

    They were worried that their strength might not match those people. So, when they heard Feng Jiu's words, it was clear that she wasn't going to make a move. Their faces turned sombre at this thought while inwardly they thought over a solution quickly.
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