1079 Ranged fist attack

    Duan Ye's body was thrown forward without any resistance as if he was being controlled. When he saw the man's claw-like hand was about to choke him at his throat, his eyes flickered, and the next moment he let out a low cry.

    "Flying wheel slash!"

    The Eight-Star Flying Wheel appeared in his hands with a whizzing sound. With his command, the flying wheel flew out of his hands and slashed the Golden Core cultivator in front of him.

    The Golden Core cultivator was surprised that he could fight back under such circumstances. Seeing that the flying wheel flew toward him carrying a fierce stream of air as if it was a sharp-pointed blade, his expression changed to shock. He quickly withdrew his hand and retreated.

    However, the Eight-Star Flying Wheel was originally a magic weapon. It followed Duan Ye's consciousness and chased after the man. With lightning speed, it slashed out and a fierce and strong blade intent came out.


    As the Golden Core cultivator retreated, his robe was torn by the blast of air in the middle. It opened wide at the crotch as if the cloth was just hanging there. Just when he was in a hurry to retreat, the flying wheel slashed again with another stream of air and made a deep bloody gash on his body where his bone was visible.


    As he cried out in pain, the Golden Core cultivator had no other alternative but to block it with his long sword. However, how could his sword compare with Duan Ye's magic weapon?

    Only the clanging sounds came out, then a snapping sound was heard. The Golden Core cultivator's long sword that was used to block the attack rammed the Eight-Star Flying Wheel directly. The two weapons collided and the sword snapped off. The Eight-Star Flying Wheel also whizzed directly to slash the Golden Core cultivator's glabella. It happened so fast that the other Golden Core cultivator right at his back was unable to save him.

    "Hiss! This, how is this possible!"

    That Golden Core cultivator gasped in horror. He looked on helplessly at the Golden Core cultivator who had been killed by Duan Ye. He saw the flying wheel pierce the cultivator between his brows and was still lodged in his flesh. Only a trickle of blood started trickling out from the flying wheel.

    The Golden Core cultivator didn't expect that he would die in the hands of a Foundation Building cultivator. His eyes were open wide at his death, full of fear and unwillingness


    At Duan Ye's low cry, the flying wheel stuck on the Golden Core cultivator returned to his hand with a whoosh. Following that, that cultivator toppled on the ground with no breath left.

    Atop the tree, Feng Jiu showed a satisfied look at this scene and nodded furtively. Although Duan Ye was babyfaced, he was the strongest among the four. He was decisive and sharp. He was efficient beyond her expectations. On the contrary, she was not surprised that he was able to kill that Golden Core cultivator.

    Her gaze lingered on him for a while, then moved away toward the people at the front. She saw that there was a melee. Those loose cultivators collapsed down one by one in the midst of the smoke.

    And Song Ming and others didn't look so good there. Each of them sported big and small wounds. Even Ning Lang's arm was slashed a few times by the sword intent during the melee and blood gushed out from the wounds, causing him to rain curses indignantly there. His anger turned so unbearable that he rushed out at a loose cultivator.

    "I'll fight to the end with you!"

    His strength was roused by the roar. He struck the first one and then another two, clenched his fists and gritted his teeth fiercely, then shouted in a harsh tone.

    "Ranged fist attack!"
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