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    Heavy thuds resounded and one could only see his two fists swinging out fervently while carrying a breath of spirit energy visible to the naked eye. When he struck out, this spirit energy struck those at the back from the first person all the way to the last person.


    The first cultivator just bent over and groaned, but the second and third turned pale and let out a miserable shriek. In particular, when the last cultivator was hit, a mouthful of blood spurted out from his throat. His whole body flew out and hit the trees heavily.

    "Bang! Bang! bang!"

    There were sounds of people collapsing to the ground one after another. Except for the two people at the front who could still stand with difficulty, the one man at the back couldn't even shout after spitting out blood. It seemed that he couldn't catch his breath. His five viscera felt as if they had been twisted up in knots, so much that he curled up on the ground and fainted because he couldn't stand the gut wrenching pain.

    "Hiss! Little Fatty, yeah!" Luo Fei's eyes brightened. "You have actually learned 99% of your family heritage's martial arts move, Ranged Fist Attack?" He remarked with some surprise.

    Ning Lang exhaled softly, withdrew his hands and looked back at Luo Fei. "I've been telling you not to call me Little Fatty. I'm in the growing stage. I'll be thin in the future."

    "It's all right! Proceed! Take their lives while they are still in chaos! " Song Ming yelled. His figure swept out again. He attacked with the sword at his right hand as well as with his sleeve arrows.

    Beyond, atop the tree, Feng Jiu breathed out lightly at this scene. Although those four were still teenagers, each of them had his own life-saving skills. Today, she was very satisfied to see their combat effectiveness.

    The surviving Golden Corecultivator saw the situation was not encouraging. He had already had the intention of escaping. From these young men's ferocious moves, their fighting skills and magic weapons, he had already known that it was impossible to kill them and take their possessions, especially when only a few of their people left. They couldn't stay any more.

    So, he stepped back, wishing to escape, but when he turned around to flee, he heard a low cry. A flash of white passed him by. A small pet beast issued a roar like a fierce tiger and blocked his way.


    That cultivator sneered. He stared gloomily at the pet beast with its fur raised up ready to attack and smiled coldly. "What? Even you think that I'm easy to bully? Trying to block my way? You don't see what you are!"

    As he spoke, he brushed away at his sleeves and strong spirit energy breath rushed forth, intending to make the round and white small pet roll to the ground. Unexpectedly, while he just started his move, the small pet beast leapt up lightly and revealed its sharp claws while pouncing at him.

    There was a flash of white light in front of him. Before he could even see it clearly, there was a burning pain on his face.


    He let out a cry of surprise. His heart quivered as he quickly backed away. Then he raised his hand and touched cautiously, only to be startled at the sight of blood on his hand.

    How could a pet beast have such speed? Wasn't this a pet beast? Or was it a ferocious beast? His face blanched at the thought. He looked at the young man in red on the tree branch. By chance, he saw that figure looking back at him with a mocking smile. Rather than feeling resentful, it made him more frightened...
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