1082 Mountain Map

    After they put away their battle spoils, they took out food from space to eat while they rested and discussed their plans moving forwards.

    "Oh, look at this."

    After swallowing the food in his mouth, Ning Lang took out a folded drawing: "I found this on the Golden Core cultivator, it looks like a map. I looked at it earlier and it seems to be a map of this place."

    Feng Jiu took it and had a look at the map. The others leaned over and moved over to sit around her. There were some annotations on the map, and they had indeed been past some of the places on the map.

    "Yes, it's a map of this place. But the map is incomplete. It's probably drawn by people who have been past these places. Look, we are in this forest right now, Tree Spirits Forest. According to the markings, if we continue heading east, we will get out of here within a day. The area marked here is more than ten times larger than this forest."

    "This map probably hasn't been finished and has already taken up a whole piece of drawing paper. It seems Hell Mountains is really huge."

    "Would those Golden Core cultivators have gone past these places? I think that this map must have been obtained from elsewhere by the cultivators." Ning Lang said, then asked Feng Jiu: "This place has been marked and there are drawings of some fierce beasts. We might be in danger if we stay here!"

    "Afraid?" Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and looked at him.

    Upon hearing this, Ning Lang straightened his waist: "Afraid? How is that possible? I'm not afraid, and even if we have to fight, I will make it out alive!"

    "That's all you're good for." Duan Ye snorted and glanced at him.

    Song Ming laughed when he heard that and joked: "I think that you will be reluctant to leave after you've come in. The more danger there is, the more valuable things there will be! Maybe you will stumble upon a precious elixir or something, that's money! You will leave? I don't believe it."

    "Hmph, can't bear to leave." Ning Lang grinned and looked at Luo Fei asking: "What was it that you threw away earlier? And those masks? Did you make them?"

    "I used it in the past to play pranks on people. It works well on Foundation stage cultivators but not as well on Golden Core cultivators."

    Luo Fei replied, then took a sip of water to moisten his throat. When he saw Feng Jiu staring at the map, he asked: "Is there a treasure? Why are you studying the map so seriously?"

    "Treasure? Really, where?" Ning Lang's eyes lit up as he asked.

    Feng Jiu glanced at them and said: "How can this place have any treasure? I was just looking at the cave dwelling that has been marked out here. I was thinking that when we arrive here, we can put up formations and enchantments around here and then we can refine elixirs inside. You can move about in there.. Once we have familiarised ourselves with the place you can all advance your strength while in there as well."

    "We can advance our strength in this place?" Song MIng and Duan Ye looked over and asked: "This place looks like it's still closer to the outskirts, should we not go further in?"

    Feng Jiu shook her head: "We can't go further, it will have to be this place. Look at the markings here, this area has been divided into areas and the degree of danger varies in each area. With your Foundation stage strength, you can only move about in this area."

    She looked at the four of them and said: "Within one year, you have to advance to the Golden Core stage."
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