1083 This Rock Moves

    When they heard this, the four of them were stunned and exclaimed: "Advance into Golden Core stage within one year? That's impossible!"

    "That's right, it's not easy to advance after Foundation stage, even the later stages of Foundation stage. If you advance to the Golden Core stage within ten years, that's already considered fast. You want us to advance within one year? How can that be achieved?"

    She glanced at them: "How can you say it's not possible when you've not even tried? However, before that, you have to stabilise your foundation first." She put away the map and continued speaking: "While it's still early, let's get going! Let's get out of this place before dark."

    "Okay." They packed their things and started walking east. It was fine during the day, but at night the tree spirits in this forest would come out and wreak havoc, it was better to leave quickly.

    With a map on hand and daylight on their side, there were no obstacles or dangers along the way. Therefore, they walked all the way through the forest, and by evening, when the sky was getting dark, they had finally walked out of the forest. They looked back at the forest, the trees seemed to come alive at night, the branches stretched out in mid-air and made low-pitched sounds.

    "Phew! We have finally made it out." Ning Lang exhaled lightly and said to the rest of them: "Let's find a place to sit down! We've not had a rest the whole journey, I'm a bit tired and out of breath."

    Duan Ye looked around and pointed to a spot nearby: "There is a big rock there, let's go over there to rest!"

    "Okay." They nodded and walked over towards the nearby rock.

    Feng Jiu took the map out and studied it and remembered the direction of the cave dwelling. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Cloud Devouring Beast sniffing around where Ning Lang and the rest were sitting resting. She asked: "Cloud Devouring, what's the matter?"

    "What do you mean? What's wrong?"

    Luo Fei asked and took a fruit out of his bag to eat, continuing to speak: "This is the junction between the two forests, it's peaceful! We've only just sat down to rest, don't be too nervous. Come over, there's still some fruit here.....ah!"

    Luo Fei who was sitting crossed legged eating a fruit and beckoning for Feng Jiu to go over suddenly jumped up without finishing his sentence and whispered in shock.

    At the same time, Duan Ye and the rest who had been leaning against the big rock moved away quickly when the rock suddenly moved. Only Luo Fei was left on top of the rock, dumbfounded.


    Cloud Devouring Beast roared, revealing his sharp claws as he opened his mouth wide attempting to bite the big rock. However, without warning, the big rock rose up, exposing a shrunken head and four legs. That was a beast that looked like a rock, it wasn't a rock at all.

    At that moment, the Stone Beast seemed frightened. After it stood up, it looked at the few of them and being frightened by Cloud Devouring Beast, it ran away. Luo Fei who was still on the beast's back had not responded and sat down as the beast fled into the forest.

    "Ah! What's going on? What's going on?"

    Everyone was stunned. In a blink of an eye, they watched as the Stone Beast that they had never seen before carried Luo Fei into the forest, all the while shouting aloud in shock. From big to small, till they had disappeared out of sight and they couldn't hear his voice anymore, that's when they recovered from their shock.

    "Damn! Go after them!"
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