1318 Demoness, come ou

    Was it because they had wicked intentions for getting close to her, that's why she had become a medicine tester for her?

    No, no, she hadn't used medicine on the four of them directly, and it was after Winter had delivered the ginseng soup....

    When they thought of this, the three of them lowered their heads nervously and at the same time, Winter's face had also turned white when she thought of this. Suddenly, she cried out in pain and rolled over onto the ground and writhed around as she continued to cry out in pain.

    Her originally fat body was shrinking before their eyes. However, after she had slimmed down, she leaned on the ground on her hands and feet squatting like a beast. She gave out a loud roar and her fat body jumped about on the ground like an animal.

    Almost immediately afterwards, her face started to change from a human to a cat-like tiger. But what was most inconceivable was that a tail had grown out of the back of her.


    Spring, Summer and Autumn were shocked by what they saw and exclaimed in surprise, and retreated to the side.

    "Huh? It's a beast pill?" Feng Jiu looked at the emerging tail in surprise and wondered how the tail had grown.

    As she watched, she recorded everything that was happening to Winter after she had eaten the beast pill. However, at this point, the almost beast-like Winter turned sharply, her bloodthirsty eyes stared at Feng Jiu who was sitting at the table writing notes. Suddenly, she leapt over, her sharp claws transformed by the mutation reached for Feng Jiu's neck with murderous intent.

    "Hiss! Don't!"

    The three women took a deep breath and couldn't help but exclaimed when they saw that she was attacking Feng Jiu. They had wanted to stop her, but because they had retreated to the side, they were some distance away and also, the speed that Winter rushed forward with was very fast. In that instant, they could only stand and watch.

    However, when they saw Feng Jiu who had been writing in her small book look up and with a wave of her sleeve, a powerful air current visible to the naked eye blasted Winter away, the three of them were even more shocked.

    Other than their amazing beauty, the four of them had left the brothel with the strength of a Golden Core cultivator, and yet Winter who had the strength of Golden Core was swept away so easily by Feng Jiu, this.....

    How high was her strength? Was it possible that her strength was above theirs?

    As they thought of this scenario and looked at Winter, the three of them were shocked. If they were to continue doing what Han Rong had tasked them to do, would they end up like Winter and become a pill tester?

    Suddenly, they remembered what she had said to Han Rong, that she wouldn't let them die easily. So the meaning behind her words was this....


    Winter who fell onto the ground howled like a beast. As she was about to get up and leap across again, she was suppressed by an oppressive force released by Feng Jiu and was unable to move.

    She stepped forward and curiously took her pulse then touched the strange tall behind her and murmured softly as she stroked the tail: "Why did she grow a tail? I remember adding some beast blood at that time? It's strange that it would become a beast pill."

    As she was still deep in thought, a thunderous voice shouting in anger drifted in from outside: "Demoness, come out! Was it you who did it?"

    Outside, Uncle Han Rong strode in with a sullen face, anger was reverberating through his body. Before he appeared, his voice could be heard.
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