1084 Crisis Everywhere

    They sped off quickly, with Cloud Devouring following closely next to Feng Jiu, along with Duan Ye, Ning Lang and Song Ming behind.

    No one had expected that rock was actually a beast! A beast that looked exactly like a piece of rock. The hard skin, the colour of stone, looked so realistic that no one thought that it would be a beast and not just a big rock.

    Hell Mountains was just too weird, even the types of beasts were ones that they had never come across before. Moreover, it was also good at disguising, one really couldn't relax even for a moment or something would happen.

    On the other side, as Luo Fei was being carried by the Stone Beast at such a fast speed, he was only able to wrap his legs around the beast tightly as he lay on its back and clasped his hands around the beast. As the speed they travelled was so fast, he was unable to open his eyes as the wind swept against his face. Therefore, he couldn't see the road ahead and look for a good opportunity to jump off.

    It wasn't until he had stabilised and balanced the breath in his body that he was able to see clearly. He saw a branch had fallen ahead and prepared to reach for the branch to reduce the impact of falling from the beast.

    After he had decided on his plan, he propped himself up and squatted on top of the beast and waited till the appropriate moment to jump from the beast. He grabbed hold of the branch and swayed about for a bit before he landed on the ground.


    He had fallen on his wound and he gritted his teeth in pain. He relaxed and then when he sat up, he saw Cloud Devouring and the rest running after him. It didn't take long before they reached his side.

    "How are you? Are you okay?" Feng Jiu stepped forwards and helped him up. She saw that the bandage on his wound was oozing fresh blood and helped him sit down: "I will apply fresh medicine and bandage for you."


    Luo Fei took a breath in and his face wrinkled up as Feng Jiu leant him against a tree: "This place is not only dangerous, even the beasts are strange. A big rock is actually disguised as a Stone Beast, it's just terrifying."

    After hearing this, Feng Jiu couldn't help but smile: "That's why you have to be careful, this place is really dangerous." As she spoke, she was wrapping his wound with new bandages. At this time, the rest of them had finally caught up.

    "Hoo! Luo Fei! Are you okay?"

    They came to his side and saw that Feng JIu was putting on fresh bandages on his wound then looked around and asked: "Where's that big rock? Has it run away?"

    "It's gone, it ran away."

    Lou Fei responded. He looked at them and then at their surroundings: "We've actually came in here after all. The sun is setting and the forest is not peaceful at night. Especially where there are fierce beasts around, we have to be extra careful."

    "Don't worry, we will stand guard." They looked around with caution.

    After Feng Jiu finished bandaging his wound, they said: "Let's light a fire! That way, even if there are beasts, we will be able to see more clearly. Evasion is not the way forward in a place like this. Sometimes, a battle has to be fought."


    They looked at each other and nodded. They left one person behind to stand guard, Ning Lang and Song Ming went to pick up branches nearby and lit a fire where Luo Fei and Feng Jiu sat down, illuminating the dimness around them.

    Ning Lang hesitated as he looked at the fire: "But is it too eye-catching like this? The fire is lit! Maybe the beasts will find us because of the fire."
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