1088 This Is I

    Feng Jiu glanced at the other two and when she saw their reactions, she nodded: "Okay then!" She had hoped that one of them would take the opportunity to tame a holy beast. However, it seemed that they hadn't thought of doing that yet, nor did they possess the strength yet.

    Although she could tame the Wolf King for them, it was better to tame your own contract beast otherwise the contract beast wouldn't submit to its Master.


    The Wolf King let out a howl from up high and the wolves below retreated quickly. The few of them exhaled lightly and looked down at the corpses of the wolves on the ground when the wolves ran away.

    Their physical strength was unable to keep up after only killing a few wolves. The new injuries on top of the old injuries had them gritting their teeth. If the wolves hadn't retreated, they probably wouldn't have been able to continue fighting.

    Feng Jiu's gaze flickered slightly as she looked at the few of them holding on to the trees gasping for their breath. Their physical strength was not good enough. Although their old injuries weren't healed, they weren't serious injuries and they were only fighting with the wolves for a short while. It looked like they needed to improve their physical strength.

    Ning Lang dug out the beast crystals and gave them to Feng Jiu who had come down from the tree: ""These are the beast crystals from the wolves."

    Feng Jiu looked at them and said: "These beast crystals are wind attributed crystals. They can help with your cultivation of wind attributes. Whoever is of wind attribute, take it." After speaking, she gave the crystals to Ning Lang and said: "Let's go! We shall go and find the cave dwelling on the map."

    They saw her walking ahead and looked at each other as she had not asked about their injuries. As they followed behind her, they wondered, why did she look unhappy?

    Was she not satisfied with their performance?

    They walked behind her without stopping. Along the way, Cloud Devouring Beast released the coercion of his mythical beast energy. Perhaps that was why as soon as some fierce beasts approached them, they avoided them when they sensed its energy.

    Therefore, they didn't encounter any danger along the way. They walked till it was nearly daybreak when Feng Jiu stopped and took out the map to look at it. She walked a little further on and then turned around to face them.

    "The cave dwelling on the map is at the bottom of the mountain peak up ahead. It will take about two hours from here to get there. Let's pick up the pace!"


    They didn't dare to say anything else. They realised that Feng Jiu was probably disappointed with them because they didn't go and tame the Wolf King last night. Therefore, they didn't dare to say anything along the way.

    After about two hours, they arrived at the bottom of the mountain peak. Sure enough, the entrance to the cave dwelling was there, almost hidden by the vines growing around it.

    "This is it."

    Feng Jiu stepped forward to inspect it, as her hand moved past it, a rush of wind shot out and the vines that covered the entrance fell away revealing the original cave dwelling entrance.

    She walked inside the cave dwelling to investigate, it was just another cave. The only difference was that it looked like someone used to live there. Other than a stone bed, there was also a stone table, the cave wasn't too small, nor was it huge.

    She came out and said to them: "You can take a rest here! Treat your injuries. Don't go anywhere, wait for me here." She left Cloud Devouring Beast behind as she turned to leave.

    Upon seeing this, they looked at each other and couldn't help but ask with worry: "Where are you going?"
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