1089 He seems angry?

    "I'm going to take a walk around, you all take a rest!" She said to them and walked out without looking back.

    They watched the figure in red walk into the forest and looked at each other, then sat down in the cave dwelling. Ning Lang scratched his head and said: "Why do I feel like he is angry?"

    "I don't think he's angry, I think he's disappointed." Duan Ye looked down and started tending to his injuries.

    Upon hearing this, the rest of them fell silent for a while, they didn't know what to say. They wrapped their wounds with bandages and sat in the cave dwelling waiting for Feng Jiu to return. However, it was nearly noon and he still had not returned.

    "Would something have happened? Why has he been gone for so long?"

    "That's right! Didn't he say that he was just going for a walk? It's been half a day."

    "Shall we go and look for him?"

    "He told us to stay here. If we go out and can't find him, he will probably really get angry when he comes back."

    The four of them discussed this at length and finally, their eyes landed on Cloud Devouring Beast who was sprawled on the ground of the cave dwelling. Song Ming shouted: "Cloud Devouring Beast, will your master be okay? Do you want to go out to take a look?"

    Cloud Devouring Beast glanced at them and closed its eyes, ignoring them.

    Upon seeing that they were being ignored, they looked away and continued sitting in the cave. They took some food out to eat while they waited for Feng Jiu.

    "His strength is the strongest out of all of us, there shouldn't be a problem. Besides, if there was any danger, Cloud Devouring Beast wouldn't be sitting here idly."

    After hearing what Duan Ye said, the rest of them nodded their heads in agreement. Another two hours had passed before they finally saw the familiar figure in red walking in a short distance away. When they saw this, they smiled happily.

    "Look, Feng Jiu is back." They went to greet her: "Where did you go? Why did you take so long? We were worried that something had happened to you."

    Feng Jiu glanced at them and replied: "I took a walk around the whole area and I put up barrier formations surrounding the cave dwelling about two hundred metres away from here. From now on, this cave dwelling is the central point. Two hundred metres from here are enchantments and formations encircling it."

    "During this time, if I've not asked you to go out, then don't come out at all." She walked into the cave dwelling and continued speaking: "Come in! I will tell you what you need to do next, and also tell you about the enchantments and formations surrounding you."

    They were shocked when they heard this. There were enchantments and formations all around this area? How much spiritual energy did that take? But she looked the same as before she had left earlier. If she hadn't told them, they wouldn't have known what she did when he went out.

    What were they supposed to do next? What was it?

    With uncertainty in their hearts, they followed Feng Jiu hesitantly back into the cave dwelling. When they saw her sit down at the stone table, they gathered around and looked at her.

    Feng Jiu was sitting at the stone table looking at them. She saw that their expressions were calm, but tension and nervousness showed in their eyes. When she saw this, she couldn't help but smile.

    "From tomorrow onwards, you have a month's deadline to train and improve your physical strength. Until then, you are not allowed to leave this place without my permission."

    "Physical strength? But our physical strength is quite good? Do we still have to train?" As soon as Ning Lang finished speaking, he saw Feng Jiu glaring at him. He couldn't help but lowered his head slightly.
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