1092 Rewards And Punishments

    "A month's time has passed, I can see that the training has been effective on your bodies."

    Their bodies were significantly stronger, and after a month, these youths who were around sixteen to seventeen seemed to have grown half a head taller. She was very satisfied.

    "Feng Jiu, what shall we do next?" Luo Fei asked with a smile.

    The others waited for a response to Luo Fei's question. She had said a month ago that they would discuss what would happen next after the month had passed. That time was now.

    "Starting from tomorrow, you will go into the forest to train for ten days. You will kill fierce beasts and dig out the beast crystals. The beast crystals collected in the ten days cannot be less than one hundred. In addition to that, every ten days the beast crystals will be counted, the person who has collected the least crystals will be punished severely. Half of the beast crystals collected by everyone will be given to me. As for the person who has collected the least crystals, he will have to give the remaining crystals to the person who has collected the most crystals as a reward."

    When they heard this, their mouths opened wide. However, they didn't voice out any dissatisfaction.

    They glanced at each other and clenched their teeth. They nodded and replied: "We understand."

    They were secretly nervous, especially Ning Lang. The money addict was already thinking about how he would become victorious out of all of them. Even if he failed to win, he couldn't come last, that was too embarrassing.

    Feng Jiu glanced at the few of them and asked: "Do you have any comments? If you do, then speak now, not later."

    "No." They shook their heads.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu took out four vials: "This medicine can be used to treat internal and external injuries. If you administer it, it will treat internal injuries. If you crush it and sprinkle it over your wounds, it can stop bleeding."

    When they heard this, their eyes lit up as they received the vial and opened it to look inside. A vial of medicine made by the Ghost Doctor was sold at a sky-high price, and even if one had money, one may not be able to buy it either. Not only did the Ghost Doctor bring them in here to train and protect them by keeping them safe, but also gave them medicine. They were pleasantly surprised by this.

    "Okay, don't bother me if there's nothing wrong. If you encounter problems or dangers that you can't deal with yourself, then you can look for me." She threw a few jade slips at them and said: "Just stay in this area, don't venture too far."

    "Okay." They responded happily and carefully put away the things she gave them.

    After giving instructions, Feng Jiu didn't go back into the cave dwelling but started to walk out of the enchantment instead. Upon seeing this, they looked at each other and asked: "Are you going out?"

    "Yes, I'm going out to get some exercise and look for some spirit herbs." She replied without turning her head.

    When they heard this, they stepped forwards quickly and said: "We will go with you! What spirit herbs are you looking for? We can help."

    "No need, just look after yourselves." She waved her hand and walked away. Not long later, she disappeared from their sights.

    When they couldn't see Feng Jiu anymore, they paused. Ning Lang asked: "What should we do? Are we going to train separately? Or are we working in pairs?"

    "Are you confident if we train separately?" Duan Ye asked the three of them.

    "It should be okay. If we encounter situations we can't deal with we can run away." Luo Fei said. He thought that it was better if they trained separately, that way, the beast crystals they collect will be different.

    Song Ming shook his head: "It's too dangerous to train alone, I think it's better if we work in pairs."
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