1095 Nest Of Snakes Fighting Between Themselves

    She thought that the pills would be ready in about four to six hours. However, the pill furnace made a rumbling sound from time to time, till the temperature of the pill furnace started to burn. The pill furnace was red hot, and Feng Jiu who had never encountered this problem before was getting a little nervous.

    "Is the furnace going to blow up? Should she continue? I added more thunder vines and reduced the quantities of snake grass and ground spark, so why has it turned out like that?"

    She murmured, puzzlement in her eyes. As she looked at the red hot furnace, she couldn't help by step back slightly. In the past, when the pill furnaces exploded, it just exploded, unlike this time where the entire furnace was red but it still hadn't exploded.

    She was worried as this was not the best pill furnace. She thought that this pill furnace was good enough since the pills were lower than fifth grade. She didn't realise this would happen when she added more medicines.

    If the pill furnace exploded, her medicines would be wasted. However, the pills weren't ready so she couldn't open the pill furnace. She could only stand by and watch and be prepared in case it exploded.

    It was evening when Feng Jiu saw that the pills were nearly formed and the hot air poured out of the pill furnace. She stepped backwards involuntarily and whispered: "Did I put in too much ground sparks? Or did I add too much thunder vine? It looks like it's going to explode!"

    Just as she stopped whispering, she saw a gush of air. She was so shocked that she rushed out of the enchantment circle and escaped into the distance. The furnace behind her exploded with a loud bang.


    Feng Jiu was dumbfounded as she looked at the exploded furnace. The pill furnace had melted into scraps of metal and was scattered all over the place. A huge cloud of smoke like black mushrooms rushed upwards to the sky and gushed out from below. It stayed stagnant in the air for a while before it was dispersed by the wind.

    She hadn't noticed that just as the pill furnace exploded, a black elixir had flown out and landed near the nest of snakes.

    When a little snake caught the scent of the elixir, it slithered towards it hissing and swallowed the black elixir. Just after the snake had swallowed the elixir, its belly wobbled as if there was a stream of air inside it. The snake's body exuded the spiritual power and breath of the elixir.

    This attracted the attention of the other snakes. One snake about two fingers wide and one metre long slithered forwards quickly towards the small snake. It opened its mouth and swallowed the small snake whole.

    This scene kept repeating itself, the bigger snake swallowed the smaller snake. There were several snakes fighting with each other as if there was something delicious to eat. All the snakes in the snake nest slithered out and they fought amongst themselves. They chased after the snake that had swallowed the elixir, fighting to swallow the snake.

    Even the Snake King under the Spiritual tree raised its head and flicked its tongue making a hissing sound. Its bloodthirsty eyes stared nervously at the nest of snakes fighting before it.

    After Feng Jiu watched the cloud of black smoke disappear, she sighed to herself: "Does this mean I have to start again?"

    She was a little disappointed and was planning to prepare another pot of medicine when out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the nest of snakes near the spiritual tree fighting. When she saw the big snakes open its mouths and swallow the smaller snakes, she couldn't help but blink in surprise.
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