1096 Seizing The Tree from the Snakes Mouth

    What had happened?

    Why was it all in chaos over there? Other than the Snake King that was still tightly wrapped around the trunk of the spirit tree, the other snakes had left the snake nest and were tangled up a few metres away from the tree.

    She had some suspicions and stepped closer. When she was a few metres away, she was surprised as she could smell the aroma of medicine in the air.

    "This.....isn't this the smell of snake grass?"

    She was a little stunned as she stared at the snakes fighting. Suddenly, her eyes lit up: "Could it be that the pill was completed? That's right, that is the smell of snake grass! Hahahaha!"

    She laughed suddenly and her expression full of joy as she looked at the small snake was swallowed by the big snake. She watched as the big snakes fought amongst themselves, biting and twisting.....

    Fight, fight!

    It would be even better if that big snake also came to fight with the other snakes. Then she could make use of the opportunity and get close to the tree and move the whole tree into space to grow within the spirit field. She would be able to study the tree in her own time.

    Having made up her mind, she proceeded to lure the big snake away. She made use of the darkened sky and concealed herself. She surrounded herself with the breath around her and became merged with the trees in the forest.

    In the dark, she watched the snake look around and staring at the place she was standing at previously and then looked around again. It gradually loosened its body and slithered forward.

    It wasn't moving fast, it seemed to be unsure about leaving the spirit tree unprotected. Therefore, even though its three metre long body had slithered away from the tree, its tail was still wrapped around the spirit tree's trunk.

    The nest of snakes that were fighting amongst themselves were moving further and further away from the spirit tree. They had actually moved about five metres away from the spirit tree, so if the Snake King wanted to compete, it had to leave the spirit tree. After its snake head had slithered two to three metres away, it glanced back at the unripe fruits on the spirit tree. Its bloodthirsty eyes looked around again and then it slithered forwards fiercely.

    Its speed was extremely fast, there was a swish sound as its body surged forwards. Its mouth opened so wide it reached the back of its head. Its mouth wasn't that at first, but now it was big enough to swallow an adult rabbit whole.

    At the moment the Snake King surged forwards with its mouth open wide and bit the snake's head then swallowed it whole into its belly, Feng Jiu snuck behind it and reached the spirit tree.

    There were no snakes in the snake nest under the spirit tree, they had all rushed out to fight for the elixir. Therefore, she got to the tree without any obstructions. With one hand on the spirit tree, her eyes were fixed on the Snake King that had slithered away.

    The spiritual power in her body surged and her palm gathered spiritual breath reaching the same level as her consciousness, accompanied by a clear shout from her: "Collect!"

    The spirit bottle tree that was deeply rooted into the ground disappeared before her eyes in an instant. It was teleported into her space and replanted in her spirit field.


    The Snake King that had just swallowed the snake looked back and saw that the spirit bottle tree had been taken by Feng Jiu. Its bloodthirsty eyes turned red and the snake let out a loud hiss.

    Terrifying breath and evil spread out instantly, the snake's tail flicked and slammed down hard on the ground, sending a sharp air blade towards Feng Jiu. At the same time, the snake turned around and slithered towards Feng Jiu at great speed.
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