1097 Chased By A Snake

    Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu retreated quickly and grinned: "When something lands in my hands, no one can take it away, let alone you, a snake." By the time she finished speaking, she had already retreated several metres away.



    The Snake King was enraged and flicked out its tongue, at the same time, venom came spitting out of its mouth. The venom shot out towards Feng Jiu but it was not as quick as Feng Jiu and it landed a metre away from Feng Jiu.

    "Damn! You're vicious!"

    Feng Jiu glanced back and saw the moment its saliva landed on the ground, it dissolved the ground and corroded everything beneath it as it made a sizzling sound as a hole formed in the ground. The weeds and trees that were spattered with the snake's saliva withered and became lifeless. She stared dumbfounded at the scene before her.

    Her playful attitude disappeared when she saw this. The Snake King was a holy beast, and although it couldn't speak, its spiritual wisdom was awakened. Now that it had seen her take the spirit tree, it would definitely chase her.

    She was confident that with her speed, the snake would be unable to catch up to her. The problem was the venom that it spat from its mouth could travel several metres and it was extremely toxic. If she wasn't careful, it would be catastrophic.


    She was surprised as she looked back at the snake, it had eaten the snake that had swallowed her elixir, but why had it not exploded? She had added a lot of poison in her elixir, along with Thunder Vine, Ground Sparks and Snake Grass, those ingredients were impossible to resist and fatal to snakes!

    So why was the snake on in any discomfort after eating it, but seemed to have become...... thicker and stronger?

    She was sure that the snake's body was as thick as a man's arm, but why did the snake's body look like it had more than doubled in thickness? Also, the colour of the snake's skin seemed to be changing?

    What was the reason? Even if her elixir had been neutralised by them, but it should have hurt them a little bit and not made them stronger?


    She saw the snake tail slam on the ground and the ground cracked open causing the trees that blocked its path falling to the side. The force caused so much destruction that she couldn't help but quickened her speed and ran as she was chased by the Snake King from behind.

    What made Feng Jiu's scalp tingle and go numb was the Snake King's hissing scream that reverberated through the forest. Wherever they passed, poisonous snakes in the forest joined in the pursuit and followed behind the Snake King forming a large army of snakes hunting down Feng Jiu at the front.

    Upon seeing the large flock of colourful poisonous snakes behind her, Feng Jiu sucked in a deep breath: "Hai, if I ran any slower I might actually get eaten by you." The figure in red flashed past as she accelerated and increased her breath as she swept through the forest like a ghost. The distance between her and the snakes gradually increased.

    As the daylight dimmed, loud thudding noises and the hissing sounds of the poisonous snakes drifted through the forest. The movement was so great that some of the fierce beasts in the forest couldn't help but avoid them.

    The chase didn't stop when night fell. On the contrary, on this night, as Feng Jiu ran and the snakes chased her from behind, they attempted to surround her.....
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