1098 Looks Familiar

    Early the next morning.

    Somewhere in this area, some cultivators were resting in the forest. This group of cultivators were the same group who had a tiff with Feng Jiu and the rest.

    Although they were hit by Feng JIu, their injuries were not fatal. Feng Jiu was only teaching them a lesson and messed with them so that they couldn't catch up with them.

    These cultivators had finally made their way over. Ever since they entered the forest, they searched for Feng Jiu and the rest so that they could kill them to appease their hatred. They have been in the forest for nearly a month but still haven't found Feng Jiu and the rest.

    "Boss, maybe those lads have been killed by others or dragged away by fierce beasts. They wouldn't be able to survive till now. Otherwise it's impossible that we've been in here for nearly a month and not seen them."

    "Those lads are quite capable, they won't die so easily. Moreover, it won't be as satisfying if they have been killed by others. Therefore, I hope that they are still alive so that they can die by our hands!"

    The two strong men were sitting under a tree talking, One of them was especially sullen and exuded murderous energy when they talked about Feng Jiu.

    They have been wandering the world for many years, so it was one thing to be defeated, but another matter entirely to be defeated by some young lads. The thought of that suffocated their hearts.

    "They haven't gone far, they should be around here somewhere. I don't believe that after nearly a month we won't find them in this area!" He tightened his fists, his expression somber: "Once they fall into my hands, I will let them know that death is a luxury!"

    "Boss, rest assured, I will let our comrades know to keep an eye out for them." The strong man said to him, and his expression changed suddenly.

    The Golden Core cultivator noticed that something was amiss and asked: "What's wrong?"

    The strong man didn't speak, instead he lay on his side and listened to the ground carefully. After a while, he got up and said: "Boss, something is wrong. Something is coming our way. It's still quite a distance away. I can hear the sound. It's about a thousand metres away but the speed is very fast."

    "Coming this way? What is it? A fierce beast?" The Golden Core cultivator asked.

    "There is the sound of someone running and also some heavy thudding noises. It's too far away and that's all I can hear. I can't tell what is causing the sound of the thudding noises." The strong man said with a solemn face and asked: "Boss, shall we avoid it?"

    The Golden Core peak-level cultivator nodded his head: "Since you can't tell what it is, let's avoid it for now. Tell our comrades to move to one side and avoid it."

    "Yes." The strong man responded then shouted in a loud voice and led his comrades quickly to one side.

    However, that Golden Core peak-level cultivator didn't retreat far. He let the others retreat further away while he waited to see what was approaching. Was it a person? Or was it a fierce beast?

    Therefore, when they had gathered their breath and retreated to the sides, they were surprised when they saw a figure of red approach from far. Even the Golden Core peak-level cultivator was startled and surprised.

    "Why does that figure look so familiar?"

    The figure in red was dazzling even before it came near. It was already visible from far away. Therefore, the Golden Core peak-level cultivator narrowed his eyes and stepped out of the darkness.
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